Devastating: The Extent Of HRC’s Crimes Begin To Leak .. THIS Is Why Trump Refuses To Let Her Go, She Gave Them Everything

Elder Patriot – The rabid dog attempt to paint Donald Trump a tool of the Russian government was begun absent a charging predicate and has failed to tie the president to Russia in even the most rudimentary way.

Why did the entire intelligence apparatus target Donald Trump?  Because of his campaign promise to “drain the swamp” that would necessarily expose how our elected officials sold the interests of the American people to foreign entities.

Most notable, but by no means exclusively, was China.  Whether by deliberate malfeasance, legislative initiative, or executive decision China fed on America’s secrets and on our economy while those we elected to protect our interests fed on Chinese money.

While the Clintons – both Bill and Hillary – were at the forefront of these unholy exchanges, there’s plenty of evidence that virtually every Democrat and a significant number of Republicans gave at least passive approval to what can only be considered the great American con.

And the media, except for rare instances, covered everyone’s tracks.