It’s About Damn Time: Proof Don Jr. – Russian Attorney Meeting Looks Like a Set-Up By Hillary’s Good Pals At Fusion GPS

Elder Patriot – More than a year ago it was known that Natalia Veselnistkaya, the supposed femme fatale, was a Russian operative:

After Veselnitskaya met with Donald Trump Jr., the younger Trump characterized the meeting as “twenty wasted minutes.”

If they were seeking the truth, any investigator worth their salt would’ve sought to know more about Veselnitskaya’s reasons for requesting this meeting.

But, they didn’t.  Nor did the mainstream media.  Instead they became part of a plot to frame the president of the United States.

Veselnitskaya’s reason for asking for the meeting was to discuss the Magnitsky Act that froze Russian officials’ access to stashes they were keeping in Western banks and real estate.  It also banned their entry into the United States.

As we now know, Veselnitskaya was a lobbyist and as soon as Trump Jr., recognized that he ushered her out.

But, she wasn’t only a lobbyist.  She was also a client of Clinton contractor, Fusion GPS, that was hired to discredit Trump.  According to Simpson’s testimony, Veselnitskaya had employed Fusion GPS “in the spring of 2014 until mid to late 2016.”

Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, who at one time had served in the Soviet Union’s military counterintelligence service, accompanied Veselnitskaya to the meeting.  While Akhmetshin’s role is still unknown there is every reason to believe he tagged along so Simpson would be able to later claim; “Much of the collection about the Trump campaign ties to Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer who lives in the U.S.”

You read that right.  The Russians, through Veselnitskaya, were working (colluding) with HRC’s contractor Fusion GPS because Hillary Clinton had promised to work to repeal the Magnitsky act and no such assurance came from the Trump transition team.

Under oath, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testified that he had dinner with Veselnitskaya the night before she met with Donald Jr., and the night after.  What else would they be discussing if not the Magnitsky Act?

The importance of this should not be dismissed.  

If the purpose of the investigation were truly to learn the truth about Russian meddling in the election it would be hard to dismiss their belief that Hillary had the Russian’s backs when it came to relaxing the sanctions of the Magnitsky Act.

Hell, we figured this out by early July of last year (2017) when we filed this story.  At the very least there was enough evidence to warrant a full investigation into the Obama-Clinton governing cabal.

Additional support for this theory comes from the lunacy of the Uranium One deal and the technology transfer to Skolkovo.  Both represented major breaches of our national security that benefitted Russia and Putin – and Clinton.

The fact that Uranium One, Skolkovo, and the meddling all occurred on President Obama’s watch does nothing to incriminate Donald Trump.

As Peter Strzok texted to Lisa Page, “…there’s no there, there!”

Still, even if we give the intelligence community the benefit of the doubt, why wouldn’t they have at least opened a parallel investigation into the Obama-Clinton Democrats in the face of this evidence?

After all, we’re still waiting for the intelligence community to settle on the predicate they used to authorize launching the Trump probe.  Absent that they are conducting an illegal breach of all of Donald Trump’s associates’, as well as the president’s, Fourth Amendment rights.

This lack of predicate evidence would explain why Rod Rosenstein told Congress that he never read the full FISA application that he signed.  RR came up with some bullspit excuse that he would be overwhelmed by reading all of the FISA applications that came across his desk.

That excuse may provide RR with plausible deniability but it doesn’t pass the stink test.

This wasn’t just any FISA application.  This was the third renewal – fourth overall – of a highly contentious series of applications against a sitting POTUS.  

The investigation was already two years along, surveillance warrants had been in place for nine months, and the most vaunted intelligence network in the world had come up empty in its quest to frame Donald Trump.  And Rosenstein just rubber stamped the fourth warrant and third extension request.

One would think that the acting head of the DOJ would have reviewed the application to see what they were missing.  Unless, of course he knew they weren’t missing anything and that the predicate presented to the court was a lie.

That leads us to believe that Rosenstein was colluding to hide the truth in order to frame Donald Trump and to protect the swamp’s criminal financial scam:  

  • Hiding the fact that $4T in annual federal spending largely enriched themselves, their families and their associates had to be protected from the one unvetted candidate running for president.
  • Protecting the $2T in foreign money pouring in to influence policy decisions and legislation
  • Protecting the $1T in corporate money pouring in to influence policy decisions and legislation

Hillary had long ago made her bones and would be a trusted head of their criminal syndicate.  Donald Trump gave them no such assurances.

If you doubt this ask yourself why do foreign governments with embassies and ambassadors need lobbyists if not to spread money around?

If you doubt this ask yourself how as president, Donald Trump has been able to restore the U.S. economy so quickly?

There’s a whole lot of money at stake and Washington’s singular Globalist-Corporatist Party has been hard at work protecting their criminal enterprise.  Just as disgusting is the mainstream media that have abandoned all credibility in order to advance what they know is a lie.

Thank God for President Trump.