Pittsburgh Rabbi Sends Ruthless Message to Liberals Who Threatened Him for Welcome President Trump Without Saying a Single Word

The mainstream media did as the mainstream media does following the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last week. They immediately began politicizing the horrific tragedy, which claimed the lives of 11 people.

The media began claiming that “Jewish leaders” didn’t want President Donald Trump travel to Pittsburgh to show his support. Chicksonright.com explains that it “Turns out of course that the “Jewish leaders” they cited were a progressive political PAC whose purpose is to be anti-Trump resistance. Yet the media ran the story, some without noting who the group was. Meanwhile, most didn’t note that the rabbi of the synagogue said that Trump was “his president” and he was welcome anytime.”

One Rabbi found out that people can be pretty horrible after surviving the shooting and losing members of his congregation to the gunman. But he soon found out that people could be even more hateful.

From WSIS:

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers said he’s receiving death threats after telling CNN President Trump is welcome at the Tree of Life synagogue. Myers was leading services at the temple in Pittsburgh when a gunman opened fire Saturday, killing 11 people.

“The president of the United States is always welcome,” the rabbi said Monday. “I am a citizen, he is my president. He is always welcome.”

The rabbi spoke down on the hatred.

The Daily Mail reports that the Rabbi explained on Tuesday morning that he has been at the center of a lot of hate for welcoming Trump.

“When I first said that the president was welcome, I’ve received a lot of emails, too numerous to count, I’ve received many that are not happy with those words.” He explained, “Those emails also contain hate. It just continues in this vicious cycle. We need to be better than this.”

“We can be better than this,” he explained to CNN.

This man has been through enough. There is no need for these liberals to be harassing him.

He did meet with President Donald Trump, First Lady, Ivanka Trump, as well as Jared Kushner and Steve Mncuhin, despite the hatred toward him.

Also pictured is Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer.

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