Iran Just Threatened America, Trump Responds By Promising To Wipe Iran Off The Map If They Don’t STFU

Elder Patriot- President Trump’s tweet last evening was part of coordinated effort with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who had traveled to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library to address an audience of Iranian-Americans.  Secretary Pompeo made it clear that President Trump would be providing the oppressed people of Iran with the tools they need to fight for their freedom:

“The mission set for our team is clear. It’s to deny the Iranian leadership the resources, the wealth, the funds, the capacity to continue to foment terrorism around the world and to deny the people inside of Iran the freedoms that they so richly deserve.”

Left unsaid, the Iranian people will have to be active participants in bringing an end to the tyranny they have been made to endure.

Compare this to President Obama when began courting the Iranian regime when he opened back-channel negotiations with them while he was still a candidate in 2008.

Former National Security Council and U.S. Defense Department consultant, Michael Ledeen revealed that Obama’s point man for these illegal negotiations was retired Ambassador William G. Miller who had previous experience negotiating with Iran.

Ledeen said that Miller confirmed his involvement to him.

According to Ledeen, Miller told him:

“The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

By the time our Manchurian president had left the White House, the Middle East was in turmoil, sanctions against Iran had been lifted, plane loads of money had been sent to them, Iran’s funding of its global terror network was greater than ever, and they had been given access to U.S. financial systems.

Iranian hegemony was in full swing.

As a result Obama left the White House $40 million dollars richer than he entered and the payoffs have accelerated since then following his signing of deals with Penguin Random House ($65MM) and Netflix ($50MM).  All told he’s expected to earn as much as $242MM dollars according to data collected by [email protected] of the American University.

The elites take care of their own.  Compare their treatment of Obama to the nearly $1 Billion dollar loss to his net worth that Donald Trump has endured at their hands.

Obama is reaping the payback from his globalist partners who don’t care that he allowed the mullahs and their closest allies to amass billions of dollars in wealth while the Iranian people suffered.

Similarities to the concentration of wealth in the United States under Obama’s leadership is unavoidable.  

Secretary Pompeo:

“Economically, we see how the regime’s decision to prioritize an ideological agenda over the welfare of the Iranian people has put Iran into a long-term economic tailspin.

“During the time of the nuclear deal, Iran’s increased oil revenues could have gone to improving the lives of the Iranian people. Instead they went to terrorists, dictators, and proxy militias.

“Today, thanks to regime subsidies, the average Hizballah combatant makes two to three times what an Iranian firefighter makes on the streets of Iran.

“Regime mismanagement has led to the rial plummeting in value. A third of Iranian youth are unemployed, and a third of Iranians now live below the poverty line.”

It is against this backdrop that President Trump is attempting to restore freedom and prosperity to the people of Iran.  It is important to the president’s plan that the people of Iran know the taste of freedom and prosperity, and that they are highly educated.  

It’s apparent that Trump is implementing the same strategy that he did in attempting to find a peaceful solution to North Korea.  The president is applying maximum pressure while dangling the carrot for better times ahead.

The difference in this case is that President Trump is dangling the carrot in front of the Iranian people.  The mullahs are free to grab it, of course, but it’s the will of the Iranian people – who have been rioting in the streets – that the president is really seeking to encourage.

They must seize the moment.  They must be prepared to pay the price to earn that freedom for themselves and their progeny.  That’s what our Founders did and that sacrifice is why our thirst for freedom endures.

And, President Trump is letting them know that we have their 6:00.