Liberal Plan to Impeach Brett Kavanaugh Just Got Ruined By A Simple Fact Check

Now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States, liberals are hellbent on impeaching him.

Kavanaugh and his family were put through hell after he was suddenly slapped with decades-old sexual assault allegations right before he was to be confirmed.

Conservative Tribune explains of the Kavanaugh hearings, “After several women made unproven and largely discredited claims against him that go back nearly 40 years, the respected judge was forced to defend himself in front of Democratic senators who used everything from his college drinking habits to high school yearbook to find something — anything — that would keep him off the bench.”

Senate Democrats failed to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but now it seems that they have a new plot to have him impeached. The problem is that they forgot to do a simple fact check.

In order to impeach Kavanaugh, however, the Dems will most likely need to obtain super-majorities in the Senate and the House, which is rather unlikely.

This past Monday, Alan Dershowitz, a highly respected legal professor, appeared on Fox News. The Harvard Law School professor explained that if the Democrats did impeach Kavanaugh, it would push the Constitution to its limits.

Take a look:

“The Constitution would not permit impeachment of a sitting justice for actions he took while a private citizen 35 years ago, nor would it permit using the laws of perjury, which are very tough,” said Dershowitz.

Dershowitz is someone who both liberals and conservatives tend to listen to. While Dershowitz is technically a liberal, he does respect the Constitution. Sometimes his views put him at odds with other Dems.

He explained that the people who were upset that conservatives attempted to impeach former President Bill Clinton during the 1990s are now trying to impeach Kavanaugh for the same thing.

“That would be absolutely foolish, inconsistent, and hypocritical,” he insisted. “Those who believe that Bill Clinton should never have been impeached for allegedly lying about his sex life are now going to lead the campaign to impeach Kavanaugh for allegedly lying about his sexual and drinking activities back when he was a 17-year-old? It’s hypocrisy run rampant.”

Then there’s the issue that Democrats aren’t taking into account. Our country’s Constitution clearly states the rules for impeachment, which enforce that those opposing Justice Kavanaugh would have to show proof that he is not showing “good behavior” currently.

“They have to be about a material fact, it has to have been a deliberate lie, not forgetfulness, not a boast, not an exaggeration, but a willful deliberate lie about a material fact,” Dershowitz continued, going on to explain the rules for impeachment.

Conservative Tribune reports:

As we know from the several FBI investigations and Senate inquiries into the allegations against Kavanaugh, those “material facts” just aren’t there. If anything, the available evidence supports him and not his accusers.

Similarly, every witness who was named by his accusers has testified in his defense, which is exactly why the Senate confirmed him after hearing all of the facts.

“I think that Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot,” Dershowitz flatly stated.

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