IG Report Shows Comey Ignored Sex Crimes Against Children In Order To Let Hillary Off The Hook – “No Political Bias” My …

Elder Patriot – Contained in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s 568-page report is this from page 294:

Coleman’s notes refer to Anthony Weiner’s laptop that had been seized by the NYPD in late September 2016.  Agents from the FBI-SDNY (Southern District of NY) took possession of the laptop but were told to stand down.

Read past the note on Weiner and you get to the meat on this bone.

Initial analysis of laptop – thousand emails.  No, more like 650,000 emails chronicling every Clinton email transmission and more.  Yet Comey sat on this information for more than a month, and then claimed he would reopen the investigation, only to shut it down again claiming he found nothing criminal.

Hillary Clinton & Foundation.  Despite massive evidence that HRC was running a pay-to-play scheme from her perch atop the State Department and using the CF as the vehicle to launder the money Comey didn’t think this was worth a look.

Even when Peter Schweizer completed his own investigation and chronicled it all in a book (appropriately called Clinton Cash) Comey ignored taking the layup.

Crime Against Children.  This one really seriously sucks.  Seriously. He ignored sexual abuse committed against children when there had been copious amounts of evidence already in the public square about both Clintons in this regard.

The NYPD was jumping out of their skin over what they had discovered and were raring to start making arrests before Comey swooped in and shut it all down.

We reported on the seizure of Weiner’s laptop and the wealth of incriminating evidence it contained from the beginning but the Clinton lapdog media dismissed us as fake news or conspiracy theorists, or both.  

This is what Erik Prince had to say at that time:

“Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing.

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times.”

“I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters.”


“There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs.

Yet Comey sat on it.

When Hillary headed the State Department NBCNews broke this story:

“Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into.

Yet Comey sat on it.

Hillary’s ties to child sex-trafficker Laura Silsby and her intervention on behalf of Silsby and her attorney Jorge Puello (also a convicted child sex-trafficker) had to have been known to the FBI because it was known to us. Here is the story we filed when that became known.

Yet Comey sat on it.

It was also known that both Bill and Hillary had been passengers on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plane – dubbed the Lolita Express – dozens of times.  The plane flew to Epstein’s private island where he kept underage girls solely for satisfying the urges of his friends.

Still, Comey sat on it.

The only congressional oversight committee (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence- HPSCI) worth a damn during all of this was the one chaired by Devin Nunes (CA-R).  He recently sat down with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and revealed this:

Relevant conversation begins at 3:13 mark.

“So we actually had at the time,  I’ve never actually said this before because we had whistleblowers but we couldn’t really use the information but now that it’s in the IG report we can. We had whistleblowers that came to us in late September of 2016 who talked to us about this laptop sitting up in New York that had additional emails on it.”

Not only did Comey ignore the contents of the laptop, he buried it.  And every effort that Nunes made to get a look at the contents in the interim has been denied by the agency that Comey destroyed.

Think about that for a second.  The possibility that crimes were being committed against children were being ignored and Democrats on the HPSCI were doing everything in their power to defend Comey and keep the committee’s majority from viewing the evidence.  

According to the IG report Comey claimed he didn’t remember the meeting with Coleman when he was briefed about this.  Who the heck does he think he’s fooling. Nobody with a soul forgets even a single accusation of pedophilia against anyone.  Comey ignored multiple accusation against a woman he was intent on helping elect to the highest office in the world.

Not only did he ignore the evidence against Mrs. Clinton and her criminal co-conspirators, he gave all her lackeys immunity and the destroyed the evidence prior to the 2016 election.

The question is what does Hillary Clinton have on Comey because no man would turn his back on children the way he did unless he himself was severely compromised.  

But we’re fake news, right?  Remember, it’s only fake news until the mainstream media can’t ignore it any longer.