ID Revealed of Man Who Allegedly Kidnapped & Murdered Missing Iowa Student & It’s Bad … Terrible In Fact

Mollie Tibbetts disappeared in Iowa and the story has been in the headlines for around a month now. At or around 8pm on July 18th Mollie went out for a run and since then no one has seen her … until today.  On Tuesday, we learned the tragic news that Mollie’s body was found.

The news is not all heartbreaking.  Not only was her body finally found but the police have a suspect.

Can you guess what makes this suspect special? He’s in the country illegally.

The Daily Caller Reported:

An illegal immigrant has been charged with first degree murder in the disappearance and death of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, officials said at a press conference at Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa Tuesday afternoon.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera, 24, was charged with murder. He had resided in the area for four to seven years, officials said. He led investigators to the body’s location after confirming that he interacted with her while she was running and she felt threatened by him. Rivera said he “blacked out” at some point during their interaction, officials said.

Her body was found covered with corn stalks in a farm field near the small rural town of Brooklyn, Iowa.

Mollie Tibbetts’ father, Rob Tibbetts, confirmed Tuesday morning that her body had been found.

Imagine for a moment this was your child and she was dead all because the Democrats were so hungry for power and votes they refused to vet the people entering our country.  No one wants to shut down immigration, we just want to make sure we know who we are letting in so we can protect the people who are already here.