ICE Chief Goes on Record About President Trump in Interview Leaving Liberals Furious

Kirsters Baish| With all of the liberals of America pointing the finger at the Trump administration for an immigration policy that separate illegal immigrant families at the border, you may think that ICE chief Thomas Homan might be a little weary of praising the President’s “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to following the law. This is not the case, however.

Homan was recently interviewed by the Washington Examiner, and during the interview he explained that he hopes President Trump does MORE to enforce immigration laws in our country.

On Saturday, the ICE acting director retired, so when it came time for his interview, he had nothing to hide. The leftists of America are not going to be the least bit happy once they hear what Homan had to say about President Trump and our country’s immigration laws.

Homan spent 34 years serving in law enforcement, and he has picked up a few things along the way. He offered a few tips on topics that he feels President Trump should be focusing on. This includes pressuring sanctuary cities and allowing more funds for the 10,000 ICE officers that the President hired in 2017.

Homan explained, “I’d like to see the president work with Congress to get rid of sanctuary cities because sanctuary cities are a danger to the American people.”

He went on, “I hope the president works with (Department of Homeland Security) Secretary Nielsen to finish what we started.”

This means getting the government to allow more money to go toward ICE.

“I would like President Trump to work with Congress to get our needed resources. We need money to do our job,” Homan explained. “The president has tried. He talked about giving us 10,000 more officers. We haven’t seen that happen yet because Congress hasn’t funded it.”

Although these issues exist, the former ICE director explains that he still feels that President Trump has been doing a good job when it comes to border security.
“It’s just a fact that our sitting president of one year has made a big difference,” he explained.

“I’ve worked for six presidents. I started with Ronald Reagan … No one has done more for border (safety), public safety, and law enforcement than President Trump,” he went on.

He also touched on the recent liberal movement to “abolish” ICE. Needless to say, he was not backing it.

“It’s insulting that a member of Congress would say ‘abolish ICE’ when we’re enforcing the laws that Congress enacted. They give us a set of laws that we’re supposed to enforce and they give me the money to do it, then say ‘abolish ICE,’” Homan stated. “We’re doing what you told us to do.”

Even with all of the backlash from the left, Homan explains that he is leaving his post with his “head held high.”

“I’ll be handing my badge and gun in. It’s going to be tough. It’s a life-changing moment for me. I’ve known this place — I’ve known these people longer than I’ve known my wife and children. My dad was a cop, grandfather a cop. I’m lucky cause when I was a little boy, 8-9 years old, I wanted to be a cop. I lived my dream.”