How’s This For Being Presidential: Piers Morgan Asks Trump About Being Banned From England. Trump Subtly Reminds Brits That…

Elder Patriot – Upon arriving in England, President Trump sat for an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan.

Morgan began by comparing our President with a few of the world’s most brutal dictators:

“We’ve given state visits to Bashar Al Assad, to Robert Mugabe, to Vladamir Putin, and to President Xi, so the implication from them trying to ban you, is that somehow you’re worse than they are.” 

Trump took the high road and tried diffusing Morgan’s suggestion by dismissing it, saying he hadn’t heard about those wanting to ban him:

“I think a lot of the people in your country like what I stand for.  They respect what I stand for.  I stand for tough borders.”

Morgan then asked, “To those who don’t what do you say to them.”

Trump responded like the bold leader he has proven to be: “I don’t care.”  Trump could’ve said too bad “elections have consequences” like Barack Obama did but he kept his answer deliberately short and presidential.

Then, speaking of British Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump said he supported her and reminded the British people, especially those too young to remember, that America provides them with a more important form of support.

“I support you militarily, very much, we will come to your defense if anything happens.”

Implied but unsaid by President Trump, and left to the conservative media in Britain to draw the parallels, was the last time American G.I.’s bailed them out after a different policy driven by appeasement had almost resulted in Germany’s Third Reich controlling all of Europe, including England.

There’s really very little difference between pre-WWII England and now except that this time it is providing entry to a Muslim Caliphate instead. 

Coincidence or coincidences?  Germany had aligned with only one religious group during WWII – Islam.