Holocaust Survivor Has Crippling Message to Dems Calling Detention Centers “Concentration Camps”

Kirsters Baish| Liberal America continues to push the false narrative that President Donald Trump is the same kind of leader as Hitler was. They continue to try and pretend that Conservatives are just the same as Nazis. And now they are trying to claim that our country’s border detention centers are the same as concentration camps.

It’s sad that the mainstream media and the leftists of the country are willing to do and say just about anything to try and take Trump down. One Polish-American Holocaust survivor came forward with an important message for anyone comparing the United States’ detention centers to concentration camps.

David Tuck, who was born in Poland, was interviewed by The Daily Caller. He explains, “Listen to me. I went through it. Please.”

Tuck went on, “This is not a concentration camp,” referring to the HHS and ICE refugee detention centers that the liberals of America have been losing their minds over.

Tuck understands the inner workings of a concentration camp and just how horrific they can be. As a Jew who was forced into a camp by Nazis.

The Polish-American Holocaust survivor wants to be clear about one important message. He was sure to note that there is nothing similar when it comes to concentration camps and United States refugee centers.

“I looked up there (at the border centers) and I said to myself, all the mattresses, everything … food. I said, at that time I’d think it was a country club,” Tuck said during the interview with Daily Caller.

Over the last few weeks, liberals have been talking about pretty much nothing but the border crisis, which they continue to depict online with images of “kids in cages.” The issue with a lot of the images that are going around is that they aren’t even from the Trump administration era. They are from 2014 when Obama was President. Some aren’t even from our country.

The truth is that children are kept safe and well fed when at our country’s border refugee centers.

Conservative Tribune reprots:

The conditions that the elderly survivor remembers have much more in common with socialist regimes like North Korea or Venezuela than America.

“First, the Nazis gave us the yellow arm bands. Then they gave us the Star of David, one on the front and one on the back,” he recalled from growing up in the late 1930s and early 1940s. “If you walked on the street on the same sidewalk that the SS man walked, if you didn’t step down, they would kill you.”

Even scraps of food were fought over in those times.

“If I had any piece of bread at night with me, if somebody knew about it they would steal it from me. Everybody was for themself. Survival,” he said. “There were more dead people in the camp in the barracks than living ones.”

The Daily Caller asked Tuck during the interview if he had anything that he wanted to say to the mainstream media liberals who are claiming that our country’s refugee centers are comparable to concentration camps. Tuck had two words for liberal America. “Grow up.”

He pushed viewers, “You know how to spell. You know how to read. How to listen. Do it. You can’t compare … anytime I hear it, it’s sickening.”

He was clear in his message. Trying to prove a political point by comparing two things that are nowhere near the same is totally dishonest.

When referring to people calling Conservatives Nazis, the Holocaust survivor stated, “It’s sickening. It’s just plain sickening. I thought we’re smarter than that.”

“This politics, it’s unbelievable. You don’t like the president, in four years, you can kick him out. I listen to those politicians sometimes, I said I wonder … They think we’re naive and stupid. That’s all,” he went on.

Tuck explained the fact that so many refugees want to come here disproves the narrative that our country is run by fascists.

“Everybody wants to come to America,” he continued. “I remember when I was a little boy, the first thing I said to the American, I want to go to America. I want to get out. I want to live here.”

“Nothing is perfect in life. I came here I had to go to work, I had a family … I’m not complaining or nothing. But I’m free,” he explained. “If you want to come to America: I did it. I waited. That’s life.”

“So, live the best you can. It’s still America. It’s still the best country. If you don’t believe it, then leave the country,” he finished off