Hogg Releases His Own Ad and Humiliates Himself With High School Mistake

Kirsters Baish| The left has found a young poster child for their anti-Second Amendment movement, and that poster boy is none other than David Hogg. The Parkland, Florida student turned anti-gun activist seems to have been handed the spotlight on the stage for those against gun rights. It seems that Hogg keeps losing track of the facts in his attempts to look like an expert on gun violence.

The 17 year old used the mass shooting as a stepping stone into his role as political activist. The Florida student has taken sides with the progressive left in order to launch a full attack on the NRA and the rest of America who supports the Second Amendment.

Hogg went so far as to put a camera in the faces of other students for what he called “interviews.” This was going on even as the shooting was unfolding. Hogg released a “PSA” which displays his condescending attitude.

Conservative Tribune reported:

The “advertisement,” which features the over the top teenager sternly lecturing Americans while framed by a stark black background, begins with this blunt and misinformed question: “What if our politicians weren’t the b—- of the NRA?”

Apparently it’s a bad thing that when millions of like-minded American gun owners speak, their representatives listen. With an ignorant lead like that, you know the sanctimony is off to a great start. Try to hold your nose.

“In the video, Hogg seizes on Trump’s rope-a-dope of Democrats, whereby he made them believe he was open to every gun control imaginable, only to draw them out into the light and deny them every gun control they pushed,” explained Breitbart News.