Historic Reversal: Republicans Now Likely to Retain Control of Congress

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media is constantly telling anyone who will listen that the Democratic Party is ready for a huge success in the upcoming midterm elections. They are calling it the “Blue Wave.” If you take a look back at history, the predictions of those over at CNN and MSNBC do make sense since usually the party that isn’t currently in power does pretty well in the midterm elections.

The problem for the Democrats this time? There is evidence that they may be very wrong.

The Daily Caller reported:

Predictions of a “Blue Wave” inundating the GOP in the November mid-terms abound. Everyone from polling expert Nate Silver to never-Trumper Ed Gilgore say one is coming.  It will stoke the Democrats’ ambition to impeach Trump and completely stall the GOP agenda, they say.

Don’t bet on it. A little-noticed report released last week by the liberal-leaning Brennan Center for Justice points to one important reason why.  The report projects that Democrats would need to win the national popular vote for congressional districts by a nearly 11 percentage point margin over Republicans to gain more than the roughly two dozen seats they need to flip control of the Republican-led chamber.

This has only happened in a few instances. A senior counsel for the New York City University School of Law’s center, Michael Li, explained, “It would be the equivalent of a tsunami.” The Dems would have to win big (roughly double what they were able to get in 2006) to win by a hair.

It would probably be best for Democrats to tame their expectations for the elections a little. It is very likely that they aren’t fully seeing the power that President Trump has, and they certainly aren’t seeing the reliability of the polls. If they really had the backing that they claim to, they wouldn’t have to be raising tons of money to support their causes.

The Washington Examiner reported that House Republicans set a new record for fundraising in 2017. They raised a record-breaking $85 million, which is projected to help the 2018 midterm election which is coming up. The National Republican Congressional Committee said on Monday that the 2017 record was $12.4 million higher than the prior best “off-year” time slot in 2003. The Examiner also read, “And, showing the strength of its operation, it was $22.8 million more than the last off-year period in 2015 when the NRCC raised $62.25 million.”

That certainly sounds like progress to me, and in the meantime, the Democrats don’t have any funding. The Daily Caller also reported that the DNC was forced to report another $162,000 in debt in an amended FEC report that they filed this week.

It was originally reported that the DNC was in the hole for $6.1 million back in their March 2018 FEC report. The report was filed on March 20. It was later amended this past week in order to include the other $162,368.64 in debt. This took the DNC’s total debt to right around $6.3 million. According to the RNC’s most recent FEC filings, the committee has no debt.a

Of course, we won’t know the outcome of the election until it happens, but the Democrats may be in for a rude awakening.