Hillary Supporter & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Arrested For Trying To Rape a 2 Year Old

Kirsters Baish| It’s the kind of horror story every parent dreads. As parents, it’s hard to trust anyone around your children, but hearing that someone started a charity which fights against sexual violence may make it a little easier. The problem? The whole conquistador of sexual violence act may be just that, an act. This is exactly that case when it comes to Southwest Florida’s 22-year-old Joel Davis, who was arrested this week in New York on child pornography charges along with to attempting to set up sexual encounters with children as young as just two years old.

Davis was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize after founding “Youth to End Sexual Violence.” He also spent time serving as the chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict. He was busted sending sexual text messages to undercover FBI agents. It was reported that Davis told the undercover agents that he was looking to have sex with young children. It was also reported that Davis gave specifics of the sexual acts he wanted to engage in with these children.

Prosecutors have stated that the defendant asked one undercover agent multiple times for sexually explicit videos and pictures involving the mentioned children.

The Daily Mail reports, “He is accused of sending the agents sexually explicit photographs of infants and toddlers, including some of the children engaged in sex acts with adults. The 22-year-old allegedly arranged to meet the nine-year-old daughter of one of the undercover agents and with the purported two-year-old daughter of the officer’s girlfriend.”

Assistant Director-in-Charge of the FBI, William F. Sweeney Jr., explained, “Having started an organization that pushed for the end of sexual violence, Davis displayed the highest degree of hypocrisy by his alleged attempts to sexually exploit multiple minors. As if this wasn’t repulsive enough, Davis allegedly possessed and distributed utterly explicit images of innocent infants and toddlers being sexually abused by adults.”

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman repeated a similar sentiment:

“Davis started an organization devoted to stopping sexual violence, while allegedly engaged in the duplicitous behavior of sharing explicit images of infants engaged in sexual activity. Davis also allegedly solicited an undercover officer — whom he thought to be a willing participant — to send sexually explicit videos of his nine-year-old daughter, and even to set up a sexual encounter between himself and a two-year-old. The conduct alleged against Joel Davis is as unfathomable as it is sickening, and as this case demonstrates, law enforcement will keep its watchful eye on the darkest corners of the internet to bring predators to justice.”

In February of 2017, Davis was in attendance at a Human Rights Campaign gala which took place in New York. According to his LinkedIn profile, the defendant went to school at Oxford University, Columbia University, as well as the Juilliard School. He was called a “general studies” student by the Columbia Spectator. The news outlet also explained that the Nobel Peace nominee confessed to arresting officers that he had abused a 13-year-old boy sexually.

In 2014, Davis wrote a piece for the Huffington Post. In the piece, Davis wrote “Youth to End Sexual Violence is one example of how youth-led organizations around the world are standing together in solidarity — demanding a seat at the discussion table for youth survivors, activists, and leaders. It’s young people like us who are providing the most inclusive leadership.”

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