He’s Back! Trey Gowdy Just Dropped A Bomb Dems & FBI Are Not Going to Like

Kirsters Baish| Republican Representative Trey Gowdy dropped a huge bomb when he told Fox News’ Maris Bartiromo this past Sunday that “we may be trending perhaps towards another special counsel” so that we can investigate potential abuse of FISA courts by the FBI and the DOJ.

He stated that Democrat Representative Adam Schiff has been doing just about everything in order to stop people from seeing what was in the GOP or Democratic memos on the question.

The Daily Caller reported:

“So Congress has proven itself incapable of investigating this FISA abuse. DOJ should not be looking into it. We need an independent arbiter that’s either the inspector general or special counsel.”

Gowdy stated that he had confidence in DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, but he explained that the issue is that he has limited authority. He is unable to reach witnesses who are not with the Department of Justice anymore or might work in a different department that he does not have jurisdiction over like the State Department.

The Daily Caller went on:

Gowdy also said, “Maria over the weekend, I’d counted up almost two dozen witnesses that the inspector general would not have access to, were he alone conducting this investigation, so I think we’re trending perhaps towards another special counsel because of this unique fact pattern and the fact that there are witnesses outside the reach of the inspector general.”

Bartiromo asked, “So we should have then you believe another special counsel to investigate these matters? How does one investigate itself frankly?”

Gowdy concluded that you cannot. He said he would have liked to grade his own papers in college and law school. He would have done a whole lot better, but that isn’t how it works. He explained, “We don’t put family members on the jury. WE don’t put friends on the jury.” He explained that there must be an independent arbiter to reach all witnesses, but he did admit that he was “reluctant” to call for special counsel.