Here’s The Real Reason Democrats Are Terrified Of Gina Haspel -She Holds The Key To Blowing Their Biggest Treason Sky High

Elder Patriot – Where was the epicenter of the FBI-CIA-MI6 conspiracy to construct the case for collusion between Donald Trump and Russia? 

If you answered London you win a prize.  And, guess where the CIA and FBI, together, established a “threat center” to work with the British intel service MI6?  Bing, Bing, Bing!  London again.

London became the location where the Obama administration launched their defamation/collusion strategy to railroad Donald Trump into a phony Russian collusion narrative. 

Stephan Halper was ostensibly a university professor but he simultaneously held US and UK citizenship and was on the payroll of both the CIA and the MI6. Halper was paid in excess of four hundred thousand dollars for his work in just ten months for his work for the CIA in 2016 and 2017.

Buying someone’s silence is expensive.

The timing coincides exactly with Halper’s “brushes” with George Papadopoulos, which, according to the state mouthpiece, New York Times, was the proximate reason for launching a counterintelligence operation against the presidential candidate of a major political party.

Keep in mind Donald Trump had business dealings all across the globe so it is highly unlikely the CIA, and other alphabet soup agencies hadn’t already – years ago – investigated his integrity.

Regardless. As the criminal syndicate that masqueraded as the Obama administration and the boss-designate Hillary Clinton prepared the transfer of power (necessary to keep their corruption hidden) the effort was made to sully Trump and disqualify him for the presidency.  Or, if that failed, invalidate his election altogether.

So what does all of this have to do with Gina Haspel?  Jack Posobiec nailed it yesterday:

While Jack is over the target his timeline is a little off.  Haspel was the Station Chief for all of Europe from 2014-2017.  As you know, London is in Europe. Gina Haspel knows everything.  Democrats were desperate to block her nomination lest virtually every member of their party run the risk of exposure in this entire sordid affair.

This was especially apparent yesterday when the radical left found itself defending violent illegal MS-13 members, a day after defending the armed Hamas terrorists trying to storm Israel’s borders, while at the same time actively tearing down Gina Haspel for treating the 9/11 terrorists too harshly.

You can’t make this up.  But, this is what they have been reduced to.

Leadership, of course, doesn’t believe this bullshit but they are left without any legitimate defense for rejecting such a highly qualified candidate. 

Unfortunately their brainwashed followers continue believing their pap.