Here’s The Proof The Media Doesn’t Give A F#@% About POW’s They Only Honored McCain Because He Sold Out Conservatives

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media publicized late Arizona Senator John McCain’s death like there was no tomorrow. They hailed him a war hero, rattled off his accomplishments, and honored him via multiple funeral services. What’s interesting is the way the mainstream media ignored McCain for years… up until he joined forces with the rest of the Trump haters in Washington in an attempt to bring down the President. While it would be wrong to totally overlook the fact that McCain did serve his country in the military, it would also be wrong to ignore the rest of the facts.

During the funeral and memorial services for McCain, those speaking continually brought up the fact that he had been a POW during his time in the military. They did not, however, bring up the fact that he took part in the “bipartisanship” that the mainstream media loves so much.

The American Spectator wrote of another man who spent time as a POW in Vietnam. This man also went on to serve as a United States Senator. But, when he died, the mainstream media all but ignored him.

“Six years before McCain’s election to the Senate, Alabama voters sent retired Rear Adm. Jeremiah Denton to Washington’s upper chamber,” Joseph P. Duggan explained in a piece released this past Sunday.

Denton had spent more time in the military before his A6A Intruder was shot down and he was captured as a POW in Vietnam.

“After their release in 1973, Denton and McCain continued naval service. Denton was promoted to rear admiral and served as commandant of the Armed Services Staff College before retiring in 1977. McCain overcame catastrophic injuries and torture to return to the air pilot’s seat. In 1977, the Navy assigned him to Capitol Hill as its liaison (de facto lobbyist) to the Senate,” Duggan continued.