Here We Go, Trump Organization Facing Criminal Charges According To Reports

Kirsters Baish| It was reported by the Gateway Pundit on Thursday that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is discussing the idea of nailing the Trump Organization as well as two senior officials with criminal charges. It’s disgusting the way liberal America is so set on destroying Trump, both in his career and his personal life. They’ve even targeted his family in the past, including children. No one is off limits for the unhinged left. Ever since Donald Trump announced that he would be running in the 2016 presidential election, liberals have been trying to wipe him off the map.

On Thursday, there was talk that corrupt and clearly biased Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be arresting President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. The Democratic Party is truly in a state of disrepair. They are set on taking down anyone who crosses them. They conduct political discussions like a bunch of primates flinging feces at each other. The Gateway Pundit writes, “We are now living in a post-constitutional society. Our elites make the laws. You will obey. Or you will be destroyed.”

The Dems are using the Manhattan DA’s Office to get to Trump because the President is unable to pardon a state crime.

Bill Ritter tweeted yesterday, “#BreakingNews Manhattan DA considering pursuing criminal charges against the Trump Organization and two senior company officials— The New York Times.”

The New York Times article reads:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is considering pursuing criminal charges against the Trump Organization and two senior company officials in connection with Michael D. Cohen’s hush money payment to an adult film actress, according to two officials with knowledge of the matter.

A state investigation would center on how the company accounted for its reimbursement to Mr. Cohen for the $130,000 he paid to the actress, Stephanie Clifford, who has said she had an affair with President Trump, the officials said.

The Times reported that both of the senior officials put emphasis on the fact that the office’s review of the issue is still just beginning. Prosecutors have no made a firm decision as to whether or not they are pursuing the charges.

The Times reported that state charges against Trump’s company would have a large impact, and the President would be unable to pardon state crimes. Trump has spoken of pardoning both current former White House aides who have been slapped with federal charges.

This is a developing story and we will provide new details as they emerge.