Here We Go: GOP Lawmakers State That Lisa Page Now Cooperating

Kirsters Baish| Disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page made her much anticipated appearance on Capitol Hill on Friday in order to appear at a closed-door testimony regarding anti-Trump text messages that she and her lover/former colleague Peter Strzok had sent back and forth to one another during the 2016 presidential campaign.

As Fox News’ Catherine Herridge attempted to field a question to Page yesterday, she quickly made her way past reporters with no comment.

Herridge explained that Lisa Page refused to answer any questions. “She basically just plowed through the reporters,” she explained.

The former FBI employee did, however, answer many questions during her closed-door deposition that Peter Strzok had refused to answer. Those GOP lawmakers who were at Page’s hearing have explained that she provided them with a lot of brand new information.

Politico Congress reporter Kyle Cheney explained that GOP lawmakers spent a lot of the time focusing on the bureau’s use of moles during the 2016 presidential campaign as well as the meaning behind the anti-Trump text messages that she and her lover had sent to one another.

Cheney wrote on Twitter, “Source briefed on the Lisa Page deposition says early focus of Republican questions was on her awareness of FBI’s use of confidential human sources, in addition to the meaning of her text messages with Strzok.”

Republican Texas Representative Ratcliffe stated that Page had answered numerous questions that Peter Strzok had refused to answer. She provided lawmakers with a lot of new information, but no details were released to the public.

Cheney sent out another tweet reading, “Rep. Ratcliffe says Lisa PAGE answered many questions Strzok didn’t and that lawmakers learned a lot of new information. He declined to provide any other details.

Republican Florida Representative Gaetz explained that the former FBI lawyer’s answers left him even more concerned about the possibility that the FBI had a specifically “desired outcome” in their extensive Russia investigation.

Cheney wrote, “Rep. Gaetz says the questions Lisa Page answered – but Strzok would not – heighten his concern about whether the FBI was driving toward a “desired outcome” in its Russia probe.” He also wrote, “He said FBI counsel was still there and at times intervened to prevent her from answering.”

Republican North Carolina Representative Mark Meadows later stated that Lisa Page had cooperated in answering more questions than Strzok had due to the counsel being less intrusive.

Cheney writes, “Rep. MEADOWS says Page was able to answer more than Strzok because the FBI counsel was less intrusive and seemed more permissive. Republicans seem far more pleased with her testimony than Strzok’s. Meadows/Gaetz/Ratcliffe all say they learned good new info.”

None of the GOP lawmakers would answer whether or not the former FBI attorney’s testimony lined up with that of Peter Strzok.

Cheney tweeted, “All three, though, declined to say whether her testimony was consistent with Strzok’s. They got *new* info but not necessarily inconsistent testimony.”

A Senate reporter for Fox News, Chad Pergram, explained that Representative Meadows stated that Lisa Page is “a very credible witness.” He also said that she was falsely accused of not cooperating.

Pergram wrote on Twitter, “Meadows: Lisa Page is a very credible witness… she’s doing her best to help us find the truth and I think in ways she’snbeen (she’s been) falsely accused of not being willing to cooperate. We’ve learned.. evidence.that would suggest that she’s been willing to help in a spirit of transparency.”

Representative Meadows also stated that Lisa Page’s public testimony is not expected any time soon, and that “a public hearing will be a decision for Chairman Goodlatte or Gowdy.”

Conservative Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows made a shocking statement on Friday, explaining that it appears that the Justice Department is “continuing their efforts to keep material facts and perhaps even witnesses, from Congress.”

As the Gateway Pundit explains, “Friday’s revelation the DOJ had not notified Lisa Page of Congress’ outstanding interview requests for over 7 months may be the last straw for GOP lawmakers; it’s way past time to get rid of Rod Rosenstein.”