Hell Freezes Over: ‘Ladies’ Of The View Throw Hillary Under The Bus Expose Her For Who She Really Is

Kirsters Baish| You know when a talk show full of liberal women start bashing Hillary Clinton that her career is about to take a steep nosedive right into the danger zone. That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday’s episode of ABC network’s “The View.” Co-hosts Joy Behar (who recently went under fire for insulting millions of Christians), Meghan McCain, and Whoopi Goldberg unloaded on the failed presidential candidate. They called Clinton a “political virus” who needs to “back off right now.”

The women were talking about Clinton’s recent comments while in India. She made a bizarre claim saying that “white women” voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election because their husbands forced them to.

Senator McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, stated “She ran one of the worst campaigns ever, she didn’t do the kind of ground game in Wisconsin and North Carolina that she should have. At this point, you can stop making this about virtue signaling and race. A lot of it was about poverty and the economy.”

She laid into Clinton’s entire campaign continuing, “If you’re messaging is, ‘Woman can’t think for themselves, that our husbands and our bosses and sons tell us what to do,’ that’s quite the message going forward into the midterms.”

Whoopi Goldberg chimed in adding, “I think everybody just has to stop talking, we have to stop looking back.”

McCain looked at Behar and said, “The Clintons are a virus in the Democratic Party, you have to move on.”

“I thought that it was time for them to back-off. Right now, right now. They’re not helping the party right now,” Behar agreed.

Watch the debate in the video below:

When someone like Joy Behar is agreeing that the Clinton family isn’t helping the Democratic Party, you know that it’s time for the Clintons to step down in the political world.