Happy Birthday Mr. President: OIG Report Is Damning & It’s About to Get Even Worse – The Purge is Coming

Elder Patriot – Wow!  If Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s redacted report is this incriminatory then things are only going to get worse from here.  We’ll be dissecting the five hundred-page report over the next few days, and beyond if President Trump declassifies the entirety of it in the interest of the people’s right to know.

Here’s the single most damning piece of evidence that shows us why the un-redacted report must be released if the Cabal-protecting swamp is to ever be drained:

House member Mark Meadows (NC-R) who saw the initial report before redactions, immediately picked up the discrepancy:

Smoking gun, anybody?  That just about nails down intent, don’t ya think?

Let’s keep going.

Another as yet unidentified FBI attorney who worked on the special counsel’s Russia investigation until earlier this year also sent anti-Trump text messages to a colleague, including one exclaiming in a series of text messages:

“I am numb,” sent the day after Trump’s election.

“I am so stressed about what I could have done differently.”

Later in the month another FBI attorney asked him, “Is it making you rethink your commitment to the Trump administration?”

“Hell no. Viva le resistance!”

The attorney later became a member of Mueller’s special counsel staff.

Whatever Mueller has on President Trump better be big and he better bring it now because these texts are astonishingly clear evidence that President Trump was targeted.  Coupled with Mueller’s failure to find anything after more than a year of digging now leaves little doubt that his special counsel appointment was just a continuation of the FBI’s targeting scheme.

Compounding it all and evidence of a much broader conspiracy is Rod Rosenstein’s refusal to turn any of these text messages over to congressional investigators.

Suddenly, Rosenstein’s excuse that disclosure of these texts would threaten national security and methods and sources now rings hollow and justifies the skepticism that so many of us have held since the outset of this witch-hunt.

Horowitz’s report is a treasure trove of factual findings mostly without conclusions.  That is the nature of an IG’s work.  His findings are also limited to t interviewing only current employees of the agency he’s investigating.

Let that sink in a second.  Federal Prosecutor John Huber to whom this report will now pass, has no such limitations on his work.  He can go wherever the facts lead him, he can question whomever the facts suggest should be interviewed, he can examine outside factors, and he can make conclusions based on the evidence he gathers from all of these sources.

This is going to get really ugly really quickly.  There will be a major purge at the FBI and the DOJ.  And Democrats, who went all in defending and perpetrating this fraud against the American people, are going to fight like hell to the very end.  I’m sure that you don’t need a primer on how this is going to play in the media.

Still, it’s hard to envision Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein surviving more than a few more days.  He had full knowledge of these text messages as well as thousands of more pieces of evidence.  He wrote the letter that President Trump relied on to fire Jim Comey.  He appointed Robert Mueller.  He signed the final FISA warrant request meaning he knowingly ignored all of the falsehoods contained within it.  And, he blocked the constitutionally designated Congressional oversight committee from viewing the evidence, as is their right.

Bye Rod.