Hannity: CNN’s “Creepy” New Obsession is Beyond “Insanity”

Kirsters Baish| While delivering his opening monologue on Monday night’s “Hannity,” Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity bashed CNN’s round the clock coverage of President Donald Trump’s supposed affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. Hannity claimed that CNN’s Anderson Cooper has turned the network from a news station to a complete mad house.

Hannity stated, “The left-wing mainstream media’s contempt for this President has now reached a boiling point, frankly, a point of unhinged insanity. This is especially true for fake news CNN. For days the Clinton News Network has been completely and utterly obsessed with porn star Stormy Daniels.”

Hannity has a point. The media is so stuck on finding any little thing to discredit President Trump and run him out of office, that they are willing to report salacious, falsified and outdated ‘news’ stories. The media is so obsessed with President Trump, that when a random washed up porn star claims that she had consensual sex with him ten years ago they all jump to not only report on it but feature it. What happened when Bill Clinton was in office and multiple women came forward with accusations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or even rape? Where was the mainstream media then?

Hannity continued, “Of course, CNN isn’t just focusing in on Stormy Daniels. The network is also giving ample air-time to the claims made by a former Playboy playmate.”

“For days, we’ve been questioning if whether CNN’s chief Jeff Zucker has turned into the ‘porn king,’ but now after cringe-worthy interviews with Stormy Daniels it just looks like Anderson Cooper’s turned into CNN’s Jerry Springer,” added the Fox News host.

You can watch his opening monologue below.

Instead of focusing on all of the good that President Trump has been doing for our country like boosting the economy, working towards a more secure border, and creating new jobs, the mainstream media has tried to turn him into a joke. They have painted this story about Trump which portrays him as a misogynist who hates women and anyone who isn’t American. At least we have people like Sean Hannity to remind us of the truth.