Greg Jarret Just Made a Revelation About FBI at CPAC That Has Bob Mueller Hanging His Head in Shame

Kirsters Baish| Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett has been arguing over the last week about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, top Department of Justice officials, and former FBI Director James Comey for the fact that they should be prosecuted and held responsible for their crimes and for fraud in during one former Donald Trump campaign official. Their ridiculous accusations are now the example of how Trump supporters are trying to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into President Trump’s alleged “Russian ties.”

The way they have done this is by claiming that the Department of Justice has been compromised by corruption and biased anti-Trump bans. The accusations were made by Jarrett while he was speaking to Sean Hannity during the Conservative Political Action Conference on Wednesday. A lot of pro-Trump Americans have stated that the Justice Department and FBI officials utilized the falsified Trump dossier in the wrong way and obtained permission from a court to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page back during the 2016 presidential election.

Subject Politics reported that all of the enemies of President Trump who are looking for special counsel Robert Mueller to take him down are going to be gravely disappointed. Sean Hannity went on stage during the CPAC on Wednesday and got right to the point when it came to the whole Russia situation. 

If you weren’t aware, CPAC is the yearly convention for conservatives that is called the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarret has been openly against the investigation into President Trump since the start. He was ready to state his case to the audience at CPAC. He responded to a question about who on Robert Mueller’s special counsel team could be in legal trouble and told Sean Hannity, “Well, I think James Comey, who signed off on it, Rod Rosenstein, who signed off on it, [former FBI Deputy Director] Andrew McCabe signed off on it, [former acting Attorney General] Sally Yates as well.”

He continued, “Using a fake document as an officer of the court to convince a judge to spy on an American citizen is six different crimes: abuse of power, false and misleading statements, it’s perjury, it’s major fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and obstruction of justice. Those are the crimes and people need to be prosecuted.”

The left was clearly unhappy when Jarret came forward with his opinion. They started to accuse him of anything they could think of. None of us know what is going to happen in this investigation, but we do know that it will be ending very soon. With all of the evidence that is going public everyone should be realizing that Trump isn’t the one who should be scared.

As Jarret explained, the investigators might be the one who see themselves at the center of a very serious investigation.