Gowdy Puts Session’s Dirty DOJ On Notice, Time’s Up “We Have Run Out Of Patience”, Yet Rufuses To Follow The Evidence To UK

Elder Patriot – Congressional Republicans complaints over the Justice Department’s slow playing of subpoenaed information is growing tiresome.  That’s why Trey Gowdy’s warning to the Department of Justice that “we have run out of patience” is falling on deaf ears with both Rod Rosenstein and with the American people.

The most recent information we have is that Bruce Ohr, former associate attorney general with the U.S. Department of Justice, continued having contact with the author of the phony dossier that was used to secure four separate FISA warrants, Christopher Steele after Steele had been dismissed by the FBI for his lack of credibility.

The emails and texts between Steele and Ohr indicate that Steele was desperate to get special counsel Robert Mueller’s ear.  Ohr’s desire to facilitate that connection is beyond troublesome. Steele’s reasons will become clear as you continue reading.

Mueller, of course, had little use for the discredited British spy.  Bringing Steele on board would’ve opened a can of worms Mueller had no answers for.  

Mueller contented himself chasing the Russia investigation that had no evidence to justify its existence because he’d have little to perjure himself over and that he could keep going forever if need be.

While it has been grossly under-reported, the facts point to the Brits as the most active foreign country plotting to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  They were intent on framing candidate Donald Trump. And they were on it from the beginning (2015).  

The British news outlet the Guardian:

Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington, in late 2015, of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents.

That was quite convenient for the British power elite who opposed Trump’s rise to power, proven by the fact that, three years later they haven’t provided a single shred of actionable evidence.

Keep in mind the British Deep State wanted no part of Brexit or its architect Nigel Farage, both of which Trump openly supported.  And, keep in mind that Christopher Steele was (is?) a British spy.

Had Mueller opened this can of worms it would only have raised more questions about corrupt CIA Director John Brennan and his use of our Five Eyes allies for nefarious purposes.

And, of course, there would’ve been much explaining to do over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s relationships with British Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May.

In a sleight of hand that would make most magicians envious, Deep State operators have orchestrated wasting almost 20% of President Trump’s presidency chasing our tails over Russia while it was the Deep State’s allies in Britain that orchestrated the anti-Trump dossier, the FISC permitted spying on U.S. President Donald Trump, and the destruction of the Brexit that British voters had demanded.

All in an effort to preserve their crumbling new world order.

Trey, if you and your colleagues want to be helpful, stop advising Trump to answer any questions from Mueller.  Instead, defund Mueller immediately and bring the weight of the world down on our Five Eyes partners who may be supportive of the globalist cabal but who are not the friends of any of your constituents.

Trey, give us our country back!