Governor Jerry Brown Hangs Head In Shame As Trump’s ICE Makes Historic Move On California City

Elder Patriot – In sanctuary cities, criminals who are in our country illegally are protected in ways that home grown criminals are not.  We’re not talking about those aliens who broke only federal immigration law to get here but about criminals charged with rape, robbery, breaking and entering, DUI, car-jacking, drug-trafficking, criminal assault and even murder.

We’d never stand for a public official using their power to shield any other criminal offenders in this manner but Democrat mayors and city councils have succeeded in doing just that when it comes to shielding miscreants who are also in our country illegally.

Take the case of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf who warned 800 of the most violent criminals in her jurisdiction of a planned sweep by ICE.

Despite the mayor’s warning, ICE conducted the sweep and was still able to arrest 150 violent thugs.  But, that left more than 650 at large to continue threatening her constituents.  That is if Schaaf still considers them her constituents.

“I don’t know what benefit there is to allowing individuals that are here illegally, committing crimes against innocent victims, and often times against those same individuals in these communities that these politicians are purporting to support.” – Matt Albence ICE Enforcement and Removal Chief

Schaaf’s explanation was that she had a duty to warn families that ICE was coming.

Really?  Would she have warned any other criminal class’ families when law enforcement was on its way?

Acting ICE director Thomas Homan blasted Schaaf, Oakland, and other sanctuary cities that limit cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement for their refusal to detain violent criminal aliens in their jails until ICE can get there to take custody of them.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions like San Francisco and Oakland shield dangerous criminal aliens from federal law enforcement at the expense of public safety.  Because these jurisdictions prevent ICE from arresting criminal aliens in the secure confines of a jail, they also force ICE officers to make more arrests out in the community, which poses increased risks for law enforcement and the public.”

California Governor Jerry Brown is so bent on fostering civil unrest in his state that he declared the entire state one big sanctuary for illegal aliens.

This sickness has pervaded life in the Golden State.  In early December a San Francisco jury found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle even though there was no contention that he had fired the gun that killed her.

Zarate had been deported multiple times for violent crimes in the past but the jurors decided that society would be better served if he were to continue walking freely among them.

That came only a few months after self-loathing San Franciscans awarded another illegal immigrant, Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, from El Salvador, $190,000 after he was turned over to ICE in accordance with federal law following his apprehension.

It seems that even though everyone had complied with federal immigration law, San Francisco had passed a law of its own in defiance of the federal mandate that forbids police from cooperating with ICE. 

How in the world the people of the Bay area accept this disregard for their safety from their elected officials is beyond logic.

If the Russians’ intent in meddling in our election was to foment discord they found a state of willing dupes in California, a state where even the Governor is a shameless charlatan.