Governor Faces Graphic Allegations & Charges Over Forced Sex, Physical Abuse, Blackmail & More

Kirsters Baish| More and more people are calling for the Missouri governor to resign after the testimony of one witness was made in front of a state legislative committee. The Daily Caller reported that an unidentified woman went in front of the House committee that was in the middle of an ongoing investigation into Republican Governor Eric Greitens. A report was released on Wednesday that detailed her allegations.

This woman’s testimony included detailed accounts of sexual assault as well as violent and non-consensual sex. It was also stated that there was an attempt to blackmail her into keeping quiet.

Western Journal reported:

Greitens isn’t just facing felony charges of privacy invasion, but he is also the center of an entirely separate investigation into allegations that he misused a nonprofit donor list as a candidate for governor.

The Republican speaker of the Missouri House, Todd Richardson, made an announcement recently that he would be calling for a special session in order to move forward with the investigation of the governor.

Richardson stated, “This is not a witch hunt,” when responding to harsh criticism from Greitens and others.