Globalists Use John McCain’s Funeral To Attack Trump … Backfires In Amazing Fashion

Kirsters Baish| Americans were taken aback this weekend following the televised funeral services for the late Arizona Senator John McCain. The reason? The entire thing seemed to shift from a memorial service into an anti-Trump event. It seemed as though every speaker, including Senator McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain, former President Barack Obama, and former President George W. Bush, bashed President Donald Trump during their time on the microphone.

From the Trump family, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were at the funeral. The two seemed horrified by the constant ridicule.

Meghan McCain took the opportunity of having a large audience to talk negatively about the President multiple times this past Saturday at her father’s funeral in Washington, D.C.

The only reason the leftists of America are mourning John McCain’s death is because of all that he did for the Democratic Party toward the end of the his life. Let’s face it, the man was as anti-Trump as they come.

After Meghan McCain was done speaking (and done bashing Trump), former President Barack Obama took the stage. He, too, bashed the POTUS. Americans were not pleased with the way McCain’s funeral services were so obviously politicized against Trump.

It’s really sad to think that these leftists hate Trump so much that they’re willing to exploit a dead man’s funeral to bash him.

Tim Young tweeted, “#McCainMemorial was about two things: Remembering Sen. McCain and hating on Trump.

From the reporting on it, it seems the latter was sadly more important than anything else.”

Caleb Hull wrote, “A funeral is a… weird time to roast a president….”

Mike Cernovich reminded Americans, “If today’s McCain funeral feels good to you, then know that’s how MAGA feels when Trump insults McCain.

Two Americas.”

Conservative personality Candace Owens wrote on her Twitter account, “This new trend of using funerals and eulogies to deliver political messages is really quite disgusting.

Sympathy from death as means to sway public opinion is next level corrupt.

Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.”

CJ Pearson explained, “At most funerals I’ve attended, it’s God’s love that fills the room, not hate and animus for a person who is not even in attendance.

Disappointed. #McCainMemorial.”

Mike Cernovich tweeted again, this time with a play on President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan writing, “Make Funerals Political Again.”

Dr. Milton Wolf wrote, “It shocks and saddens me how political people will so often debase the final hour of a lost loved one by using that sacred moment to score cheap political points.

Paul Wellstone

Aretha Franklin

And now John McCain

They deserved better. Truly sad.” He then linked to a CBS tweet, which contained a video of Meghan McCain’s speech.

Tomi Lahren wrote, “Love him or hate him, he’s still their obsession. They can’t do anything without talking about him. Must suck to be that deranged and pathetic. #MAGA.”