Gingrich Drops A Bombshell: President Obama & Valerie Jarrett Guilty of Not Just Spying On Trying But Trying To Frame Him Too

Kirsters Baish| Former Republican Speaker of the House and personal attorney to President Donald Trump Newt Gingrich made an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” this past Tuesday. While on the air, he explained that he feels that former President Barack Obama along with multiple top officials, which includes Valerie Jarrett, took part in the surveillance of the Trump campaign back in 2016.

Gingrich went on to say that some people are “in danger of going to jail.” This statement was a nod at former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Gingrich was appearing on Laura Ingraham’s show after a busy week in terms of revelations regarding the surveillance done on the campaign, which was apparently carried out in an attempt to find out if there were contacts with Russian officials.

An article in Axios revealed that Peter Navarro, one of Trump’s top economic advisers, recommended the hiring of suspected FBI informant Stefan Halper.

Meanwhile, the timeline regarding when an FBI informant met with a Trump campaign official began to shift and Clapper appeared on “The View” to defend the actions of American intelligence.

The President’s lawyer expressed his belief that it all started with Obama and Jarrett.

He explained, “Presently, someone will figure out to ask what did Valerie Jarrett know and when did she know it? What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Because what you’re seeing happen is, on every single level — and this is what happens with really big scandals — they keep on folding and they keep on folding and they keep on folding. So we’re now supposed to believe that the director of national intelligence was lying to us, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency was lying to us, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was lying to us, the number two person at the FBI was lying to us, the attorney general was lying to us — because she was meeting Bill Clinton on an airplane in private to talk about their grandchildren. I mean, at what point do you just say, give me a break? All of this, I believe, was being coordinated by Obama and by Valerie Jarrett and by the White House. … Look, I don’t believe if you look at the total number of things going on, I don’t believe in an administration that was as tightly centralized as the Obama administration, you could have had as many different things going on — all of them illegal — without the president having been briefed.”

Gingrich explained to Fox News host Laura Ingraham that he felt Clapper having gone on “The View” actually made him look even worse. During his appearance on the talk show, Clapper confirmed the surveillance but would not label it as “spying.”

Gingrich explained of the appearance, “I am astounded how bad he looks now. I’m astounded how dishonest and incompetent he looks. I think what happened was people like Clapper and the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency — all these guys thought they could get away with this because Hillary was going to win. And when Hillary won, the fix would be in, everything would be covered up. Around 10 o’clock on election night, they all began to realize this could get really bad. And they were shifting gears from protecting Hillary — which had been their job for two years — to trying to destroy Trump. Now you’re watching people who, I think, in every case are in danger of going to jail. If the system works and people are actually tested on, ‘Did you tell the truth under oath?’ Clapper’s a perfect example.”

Recall back to election night when it was announced that Donald Trump had won the election, the same election that the Democrats had been claiming for months that Hillary had in the bag. Instead of continuing to build Clinton up, as they previously had been, they began trying to take down Donald Trump. He became their sworn enemy, and Hillary Clinton became a worthless piece of garbage to them. She didn’t succeed in defeating him, so they tossed her aside.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out. It’s about time that the Obama White House fess up to their wrongdoings and own it. One thing is for certain, there is no denying that Obama and the FBI spied on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Now it’s time for them to be held accountable.

Take a look at the Fox News report below: