George W. Bush Joins Obama to Attack Trump… Backfires EPICLY

Kirsters Baish| Ever since Donald Trump became President of the United States, former President Barack Obama has been trying to undermine him and destroy his presidency. He attacks Trump at every turn, and now he has former Republican President George W. Bush joining him to trash Trump. When will it end?

While Obama was in office, George W. Bush remained silent. He explained that he would not criticize Obama out of “respect” for his position as POTUS. Why are things suddenly different when it come to respect? Bush is now joining Obama and the rest of the anti-Trumpers in an effort to destroy Trump’s reputation and career.

It was reported that Bush stated that President Donald Trump is doing so badly as President, that it makes his own two terms in office “look pretty good.” This statement came after the former president sided with Obama to bash President Trump’s “America First” immigration policies. Former President Bush even alluded that President Trump and his policies were racist. He stated, “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism.”

It was also reported that Bush claimed that President Trump’s “problems are self-inflicted.” George W. Bush’s former Chief of Staff stated that there were issues with Trump’s trade proposals.

President Trump’s supporters are coming out to defend him.

Writer for Breitbart News, John Nolte, called George W. Bush a “classless coward” because he criticized Trump while remaining silent through 8 years of Obama.

Trump himself also responded. He reminded Americans that since George. W. Bush’s father was President of the United States, our country lost 6 million factory jobs. Bush has no right to be giving advice.

Trump had a question of George W. Bush’s judgement, saying that the choice to invade Iraq was the “single worst decision ever made.”

I think the two top comments on Breitbart News’ story pretty much explain how conservative Americans are feeling about Bush’s comments.

In my honest opinion, former President George W. Bush should probably keep his mouth shut at this point. He did enough damage during his 8 years in office. So far, Trump has been doing an amazing job as POTUS, and the economy alone speaks for his work so far in office.