Gas-Lighting 101: CNN Anchor Claims That “Democrats Were Extremely Respectful” at Kavanaugh Hearing

Kirsters Baish| Last week, a CNN anchor claimed that Senate Democrats had been behaving themselves during President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh’s, hearing.

“I think the Democrats were extremely respectful today in the hearing,” Symone Sanders claimed on Tuesday, as reported by Newsbusters.

That same day, California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris opened the hearing by interrupting proceedings, Fox News notes.

Four days later, the hearings were over. More then 200 Democratic protesters had been arrested by authorities. Decorum was out the window. The hearings had been disrupted by liberal protesters throughout their duration.

Sanders went on to claim that the Democratic lawmakers who kept on delaying the hearings were just doing their jobs.

“They were simply asking for, under regular order, ‘Please, Mr. Chairman, let’s delay, let’s get the documents. We feel like we don’t have enough information to be able to effectively advise and consent on this issue,’” she stated.

“The Lead With Jake Tapper,” aired a segment on September 4th, during which Republican strategist Josh Holmes did not agree with Sanders’ comments.

“Simone, I love you, but so ‘respectful’ that they had to dismiss Judge Kavanaugh’s daughters from the hearing room at one point,” he stated. Kavanaugh’s daughters left the hearing during a particularly raucous moment..”

“I’m sorry your daughters had to endure the political circus of this morning,” Republican Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, later said to Kavanaugh, as reported by New York Post.

The CNN anchor stated that the girls didn’t plan on staying.

“They were already going to get up, now, Josh,” she continued.

Western Journal reports:

The overall tone of the hearing was bemoaned by Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch, who said Democrats suffered from unrestrained ambition for their political futures.

“They want that coveted TV clip. Frankly, I wish we could drop all that nonsense,” he said.

Columnist Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post sought to sum up the theatrics in her review of the contentious hearing.

Parker wrote, “If you missed Day One of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearing, just try to imagine a mud-wrestling contest attended by banshees howling at the referee. The proceedings were too low-brow to resort to the usual circus metaphor. It was a performance, all right, but it was embarrassing to watch.”

Parker wasn’t shy when it came to scolding Democrats and their supporters for their actions.

“This choreographed effort to obstruct the proceedings continued most of the morning. Republicans could barely speak without a Democrat barging through the gossamer veil of mutual respect, while the audience, including an organized cabal of shriekers, seemed to think this was a multimedia carnival in which participation is welcome. All that was missing was the canned laughter,” she penned.