Rep Meadows Reveals Evidence Showing FBI Falsified Reports in Clinton & Russia Investigations, Specifically By Altering 302 Reports

Kirsters Baish| It has been reported that Republican Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows revealed that there is mounting evidence against the FBI, which proves that they altered their 302 reports on witness interviews in not one, but TWO important cases: the Hillary Clinton private server investigation and early in the Trump/Russia investigation (during the ambush of General Michael Flynn.)

It seems that the FBI under the Obama administration was even more corrupt that we once thought. As the Gateway Pundit puts it, “The agency was weaponized to go after political opponents.”

In February of this year, the Gateway Pundit reported that Mike Cernovich claimed that Andrew McCabe had went back and altered liberal FBI agent Peter Strzok’s 302 report on his ambush-style interview with General Michael Flynn. Cernovich then stated that McCabe destroyed the evidence when he was all done.

On top of all that, Andrew McCabe and then-FBI Director James Comey cleared Sally Yates in order to take advantage of using agent Strzok’s edited 302 summary. Remember that this summary of his interview with Flynn was then used to brief the White House Counsel in order to push to get Flynn fired.

Republican Representative Mark Meadows stated that this is highly disturbing and needs to be looked into immediately.

Meadows stated, “There is a growing body of evidence that the FBI made edits and changes to 302’s, or summaries of witness interviews, in both the Clinton case and the early Russia investigation. This is incredibly troubling and needs to be examined. I appreciate the IG looking into it.”

Republican Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on May 11. In the letter, Grassley explained that James Comey had testified that the FBI didn’t feel that General Michael Flynn had been lying. He also revealed that the second FBI agent who took part in the ambush interview of Flynn alongside Strzok was Joe Pientka.

Rod Rosenstein would not hand over requested documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was reported that he provided “insufficient” documents, which pushed Grassley to write another letter to Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein.

Andrew McCabe pleaded the 5th and would not testify last week during a Congressional hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Take a look at Meadows grilling Inspector General Michael Horowitz following the release of his much anticipated report: