FBI Raids Offices Of, Trump Bashing, Mayor of San Juan … Turns Out President Trump May Have Been Right All Along!

Remember back to last year when Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico and parts of the United States.

Democratic Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, did everything in her power to make President Donald Trump look bad. She painted him as an evil man who would not aid the people of Puerto Rico in recovery efforts. This was all a big lie.

President Trump answered by saying that the federal government had issued a massive hurricane response effort, however, supplies were not making it to citizens due to a corrupt local government. Now it seems that the FBI feels Trump was right, and they have finished up a huge raid on San Juan municipal offices run by Mayor Yulin Cruz.

David Begnaud wrote on Twitter, “BREAKING: FBI confirms they’re searching the Municipal Tower in San Juan, Puerto Rico looking in to allegations of foul play in the purchasing dept regarding the awarding of contracts. The search will either prove that the allegations are true, or not true, according to FBI.”

Begnaud then wrote, “RIGHT NOW: The FBI is searching the municipal tower in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is a search warrant but it’s sealed. The Mayor @CarmenYulinCruz tweeted: if someone has done something wrong, they must be subjected to due process & face the consequences.”

The Hill Reported:

A spokesman for the agency told news service elnuevodia.com that Tuesday’s raid was related to an ongoing investigation into whether the mayor’s office and other city officials had shown favoritism when the city agreed to a contract with the company BR Solutions for $4.7 million over two years.

It was reported that dozens of FBI agents raided the municipal building.

They were looking specifically in at least one office located on the 15th floor of the building, however they were searching other floors as well.

Authorities say agents were looking at “suspected corruption in the purchasing department.”

FBI spokesman Carlos Osorio stated to El Nuevo Día, “We are seeking documents and evidence that support this allegation.”

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz took to Twitter to claim that she had told her people to give the bureau “total collaboration.”

She also claimed to have no further information on the situation.

“If someone has done something wrong, they should be subjected to due process and face the consequences of their actions,” she stated.

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