Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe Begging For Immunity in Exchange For Blowing The Whistle in Congressional Hearing

Kirsters Baish| Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is looking for immunity from the government in exchange for his personal testimony in regards to a DOJ watchdog’s suggestion of prosecution, prior to the scheduled congressional hearing on the FBI’s conduct and handling of the Clinton email investigation during the 2016 election.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley, was sent a letter by Andrew McCabe’s attorney, Michael Bromwich. The letter, which came in on Tuesday, asked that McCabe be given immunity if he agreed to testify in regards to the inspector general’s report which claims that he leaked information, then lied about leaking the information to his higher-up, FBI Director at-the-time James Comey.

In the letter, Bromwich explained to the senator, “McCabe welcomes your invitation to testify and is eager to answer any questions that you or other members of the Committee have.” He continued to explain that due to his “criminal referral” by Inspector General Horowitz, he could very well face prosecution himself.

The letter goes on, “We hereby request that the Judiciary Committee authorize a grant of use immunity to Mr. McCabe. No testimony or other information provided by Mr. McCabe could be used against him in any criminal case.”

Fox News reports that McCabe was terminated from his position as Deputy Director of the FBI by Attorney General Jeff Sessions just a few days prior to his planned retirement. The termination came after reports that McCabe had leaked a story in his favor to the media, but lied to Comey about it later.

Fox writes:

But Bromwich provided, in his letter to Grassley, information about emails that “demonstrate that Mr. McCabe advised former Director Comey, in October 2016, that Mr. McCabe was working with FBI colleagues to correct inaccuracies before certain media stories were published.”

McCabe was prevented from providing the emails themselves because of a non-disclosure agreement he was forced to sign by the FBI upon his termination and more information surrounding his account is unlikely to be revealed unless he is granted immunity, his lawyer said.

“If this Committee is unwilling or unable to obtain such an order, then Mr. McCabe will have no choice but to invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination,” Bromwich stated.

Comey maintains to this day that McCabe never told him about the leak.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

In a 3 page letter to Chairman Grassley, McCabe’s attorney Michael Bromwich ironically complains about leaks from the DOJ doing damage to his client.

On page 2 of Bromwich’s letter, the lawyer argues destructive leaks about McCabe’s criminal referral by the IG have done damage to the former FBI Deputy Director.

Bromwich then states McCabe’s legal team requested an investigation into the DOJ’s source of leaks.

On page 3, Bromwich requests the Senate Judiciary Committee grant McCabe immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony because of his criminal referral. See Above