First He Destroyed Obama’s Legacy, Now “Pawn Stars” Icon Bashes The Left & Their “Participation Trophy” Generation… Put Socialism Debate to Bed

Kirsters Baish| The iconic Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” made an appearance on Mark Levin’ show on Fox News this past weekend. During his visit on the show, Harrison explained that he doesn’t agree with the “participation trophy” generation, and he explained his stance on the liberal move toward socialism in recent months.

“We’re raising an entire generation that gets a participation trophy?” Harrison explained to the host of “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

60-year-old Levin then questioned 53-year-old Harrison about those people in their own generation who agree with the participation trophy stance.

“I mean, Chuck Schumer, he’s our generation, Nancy Pelosi, she’s a generation beyond, but you get the point,” Levin explained.

“I truly believe that if you’re older and you’re educated and you’re touting socialism, you’re either not that intelligent or you’re evil. It comes down to that,” Harrison stated.

“Power hungry, maybe?” Levin answered.

Take a look at the video below:

The “Pawn Stars” host agreed, “Which, power hungry is basically ‘evil’ in most situations. And they’re completely intellectually dishonest.”

It’s interesting how the participation trophy represents the Democratic Party’s clear move towards a more socialist agenda.

Conservative Tribune reports, “The basic argument of the new socialists can be safely reduced to this: Stuff ought to be free (or freer), and someone ought to pay for it.”

Millennials who have racked up college debt seem to be fond of the idea that they shouldn’t have to pay for anything. They can’t seem to grasp why health insurance costs so much. Instead of placing blame on Obamacare, they blame the Trump administration.

Conservative Tribune explains:

As for college loans, while there’s no denying the cost of a degree has gone up, that’s certainly not going to be attenuated by making college “free.” The problem of spiraling costs is a lack of free market checks on the system due to constant infusions of “free” money, something that’s only going to get worse when government involvement in the financing of higher education is increased by an exponential degree.

Then there’s health care, a sordid mess created by virtually every attempt to meddle in the free market since World War II. The newest left-wing “solution” is single-payer, universal coverage, “Medicare for all” or some sort of amalgam of those approaches. How this is going to improve anything is anyone’s guess, since government created the problem in the first place — but you know, free stuff.

The millennial generation is the generation of free stuff. They demand free health care, free college tuition, free housing. They want everyone to win a trophy for participation.