Breaking: Corrupt FBI Caught Withholding These Key Uranium One Conspiracy Docs According To Report

The mainstream media has been spending all of their airtime talking about Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

They have been continually pushing the narrative that he is guilty of all sexual assault allegations against him without allowing him a fair trial. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty anyway? They held close to that sentiment when former Democratic President Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault…

The problem with only focusing on one story in order to further a specific agenda is that this isn’t what news networks were intended for. American news networks are supposed to inform the American people of what is going on in the world, not push them to form biased opinions. In allowing the Kavanaugh hearing to fill up all their airtime, the mainstream media has failed to report on another story. Interestingly enough, it involves the Clintons, and the mainstream media is no stranger to licking the boots of the former Presidential family.

The Hill recently dropped a major bomb when it was reported by investigative reporter John Solomon that the FBI had possession of 37 never-before-released page of documents which may contain pertinent information regarding the Uranium One Deal. The documents may include what FBI agents said to the Obama White House before the deal regarding Russia’s nuclear industry and any criminal wrongdoing that was uncovered.

It has been thought that there could have been some form of bribery involved. Former President Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 by the Russians for a speech he gave at a Russian bank, in which he promoted stock of Uranium One just a few weeks before Clinton (who was serving as Secretary of State at the time) was set to vote.

Then there’s the fact that $145 million was funneled into the Clinton Foundation and that the brother of a former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, Tony Podesta, received $180,000 from Uranium One in order to push Clinton’s approval of it.

There may be more evidence of collusion in the unreleased FBI documents.

Conservative Tribune writes:

Either the Obama administration knew about the corruption involved and chose to give American assets to Russia anyway, or the FBI hid their findings and failed to alert the president, the secretary of state and the CFIUS board. Both options give serious indications about the corruption that compromised national security.

However, according to Solomon, the American people won’t be privy to this info, as the FBI is keeping the documents secret from the public.  They claim that they must not disclose the info in order to protect national security and law enforcement, or that they are guarding the privacy of American citizens, or that they must protect the ability of government agencies to communicate among themselves. Pick one.

And as Solomon pointed out, these sound like the same reasons that the FBI originally gave for why they couldn’t publish documents about the Russia collusion investigation — documents which gave information about former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump texts,or documents on Clinton and other Democrats funding the fraudulent Steele dossier to take down Trump.

The bureau did release a few documents under the title “Uranium One Transaction” in its Freedom of Information Act online vault, but these were just public letters from members of Congress calling for answers about the Uranium One case.

In 2009, John Solomon was the first journalist to report that American businessman Douglas Campbell had spent time posing as a consultant in Vladimir Putin’s nuclear corporation Rosatom. All the while he was working as an FBI informant. Solomon reported that Campbell handed over ample evidence to the bureau in 2010. Conservative Tribune reports, “Rosatom’s main U.S. executive, Vadim Mikerin, had engineered a major racketeering scheme. The scheme included bribes, kickbacks, and extortion which led to the corruption of the main uranium trucking company in the U.S., putting national security at risk. Mikerin and some other American officials were eventually convicted of these crimes, but not until many years later.”

The FBI had better get to the bottom of this, because the American people deserve to know what those documents say.