Finally President Trump Comes Through, Tells Facebook & Co Their Days Censoring Conservatives Are Over

E.P.- President Trump can read the poll numbers as well as anyone.  And, while he knows polls are manipulated to influence the weak-minded and uninformed, he also knows that after an amazing run of economic, foreign policy, and national security successes his party should be trouncing their Democrat challengers.

The reason they’re not is simple and it’s the same reason why the mainstream media has derided Trump for tweeting since day one.  If the progenitors of the Globalist cabal and the protectors of the Deep State do not control the narrative they’d be relegated to back bench status before disappearing altogether.

Today, social media has eclipsed the legacy media in importance.  This is what led to Trump’s election in 2016. And, it the reason Barack Obama summoned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Peru in mid-November 2016 where he was read the riot act by the deposed U.S. president.

The admonishment had nothing to do with Russia using Facebook’s platform to interfere with the election.  No serious analysis would lead to that conclusion.  Obama knew that Donald Trump had used social media to tap into the same visceral disgust with government to win the election that he had tapped into eight years earlier for his victory.

The difference between Trump and Obama, however, is that Trump has a record of accomplishment to run on.  That record had to be kept hidden from the most voters as possible for progressives to have a chance at electoral victories.

That brings us to the blatant censorship of fundamental American values that is at the core of the conservative movement.  Social media giants Google and Facebook can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters. Politico says Google can shift votes “by 20 percent or more—up to 80 percent among some demographic groups—with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated” according to Politico.

That is why sites like our have been under constant attack by Facebook and their progressive hatchetmen at Politifact and Snopes in an effort to silence us by limiting the number of users who are provided access to our information..  

Our reach to our nearly 9 million followers had been cut by as much as 95%.  We are currently blocked from advertising by Facebook – hard to bring you serious news when you can’t pay the bills – for an article we ran on July 22nd.

Here is Politifact’s letter explaining why they were cutting off our ability to reach the users who signed up to see our posts.  Finally, you can read our letter of appeal here.

Their complaint was obviously unfounded, yet our reach has been slashed even further, to less than 10% of our pre 2016 election levels.  We are not unique in this. Conservative voices have been stifled across all platforms and for the most suspect reasons like hate speech.

All of this serves to explain why this morning Trump issued a series of tweets to let it be known that censorship by the social media giants would no longer be tolerated.

With eighty days until the midterm elections there’s still time to level the debate but there’s really very little time to waste.