Fans Thrilled After Tim Allen Releases Official Return Date for “Last Man Standing” & It’s Sooner Than You Think: September 28th!

Kirsters Baish| Conservative actor/comedian Tim Allen’s hit sitcom, “Last Man Standing”, was canceled without any explanation last year by ABC network. Oddly enough, the show’s ratings were doing great. Fans were left speculating as to why the show was cancelled, and many still believe that the cancellation was, at least in part, due to a  political bias.

Allen was happy to share the news with fans in a tweet last week that the show was officially coming back as of September 28th.

“Mark your calendar for Sep. 28th!” he wrote on Twitter.

In the show, Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, has very similar conservative viewpoints when it comes to our country’s politics as Allen himself.

After the show was cancelled by ABC network last year, fans were livid, many of them that claiming political bias was to blame for the show’s demise.

During an interview last year, Tim Allen explained, “There’s nothing more dangerous to me, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative. Because (Baxter) was mitigated on his show by a family of women that had different opinions — but the guy was a likable guy, a principled guy, just about work and ethics and all this stuff. I think there’s nothing more dangerous now than a likable conservative character.”

Allen also stated at the same time that he did have any “idea why they did what they did” when speaking about ABC’s choice to officially cancel the show. ABC denied any political bias in what they called a “tough business move.”

But really, what other reason would there have been for the liberal-leaning network to cancel a conservative-leaning show that had great ratings?

Western Journal reports:

ABC President of Entertainment Channing Dungey said parent company Disney no longer found the series, which was not produced by the network’s studio, to be a profitable part of its lineup even though fans continued to watch.

He said the decision “was a challenging one” for him “because it was a steady performer in the ratings.”

It was not until ABC decided to revamp its lineup entirely that executives made the final call, he said.

“Once we made the decision to not continue with comedies on Friday, that was where we landed,” he said.

Twentieth Century Fox TV produced the show. The new season will be airing on Fox network this coming September. Earlier in the year, Deadline Hollywood reported that a revival of the show may be coming in the near future.

Last month, Allen thanked fans for their interest in new episodes of the show, which seemed to allude to the fact that a revival may be coming in the near future.

“They heard all your voices people!!” he explained on Twitter. “LMS just might be a reality.”

While we may never know the “true” reason that ABC decided to put the show to bed, or as Allen says “put us out to pasture” after six great seasons, political bias seems to be a logical reason.

“You couldn’t have handled this worse,” Allen said of the situation at the time. “Not for me, because I’ll survive, but there’s 190 of us that work there.”