Famous Liberal Lawyer Just Dropped Napalm On Democrat’s Hopes For Midterms: Sorry Guys, There Ain’t Gonna Be No Impeachment

Elder Patriot – How many times can Democrats and their propagandists in the mainstream media use the word impeachment before someone reminds them they need a reason to remove a duly elected president?

Answer: There is no limit.  

Renowned Harvard professor and constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz has been reminding them of that inconvenient little truth but they’re too caught up in Trump Derangement Syndrome to listen.

Dershowitz’s latest admonition came yesterday while being interviewed on ABC’s This Week:

“I fully understand why so many people want, hope that President Trump has committed crimes and impeachable offenses, but the evidence isn’t there. The president or a candidate is entitled to contribute anything he wants to his own campaign.

“The only issue here is whether or not there was a failure to report the contribution. That was to the treasurer of the campaign and not to the president and conspiracy is a very big stretch.

“It’s a stretch. It’s a stretch.

“Look the reporting — if it occurred, would have occurred after the election considering the chronology of everything, and so to stretch and make a reporting violation which so many campaigns have. President Obama’s campaign had to pay $300,000 [actually $375,000 for significantly more egregious violations] for reporting violations.

“To make a conspiracy out of that when the law itself says the treasurer is responsible, not the candidate, is an example of precisely what we’re seeing, trying to stretch the law to fit somebody, who many Americans hope and want to see commit a crime or commit an impeachable offense.”

Democrats may think they’re currying favor with their base, and they may very well be doing that, but that base is shrinking as the party continues lurching further to the fringe left.

Americans are sick of impeachment talk and will be going to the polls with a clear distinction between the two parties.  

One party is responsible for America’s growing economic prosperity and improved international relations with nations that actually respect us and are not looking to take advantage of us.  

The other is running on removing the president and returning to economic malaise and fair weather friends.

Dems should listen to Dershowitz and cobble together something to run on instead of hate.