Fake News Reporters Goes After Roseanne For Supporting Trump – The Newt Gingrich Takes Her Back In Epic Fashion

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media is constantly trying to attack anyone who shows even the slightest support for President Trump, and that includes actress/comedienne Roseanne Barr. When her hit television sitcom returned to the air recently after a 20 year hiatus, America saw a whole new political side to Roseanne. Her character in the show is an avid Trump supporter. The show raked in record ratings, and audiences loved it. The left was enraged, but Newt Gingrich has come out to defend Roseanne.

Reporters have been looking up old tweets of Barr’s to try and go after her just like they’re doing to Conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham. The New York Times actually wrote a piece which called Roseanne’s show a danger to society.

“This fictional family, and the show’s very real creator, are further normalizing Trump and his warped, harmful political ideologies,” it read.

But, Newt Gingrich wasn’t about to let the mainstream media tear Roseanne up, so he went on Fox News to deliver his own response which exposed the leftists of our country for what they really are.

Subjectpolitics.com reported:

Gingrich pointed out how every once in a while, Hollywood actually makes something that connects with middle-America, but then they stop doing it because only Anti-American movies/shows win awards.

“Every once in a while Hollywood will make a movie that appeals to middle America, it’ll do Amazingly well, and then they won’t make a second movie because that’s not how you get Oscars…. You get Oscars by being anti-American, by being left wing, and by being cynical”

Gingrich went on to point towards the way the show has done something right since it has caught Hollywood and the rest of the leftists in America totally off guard.

“I think it’s great that [Roseanne] is doing so well. I think it is funny that she is Pro-Trump, openly, and is so successful and I think that there’s a message there. For those people who think Trump’s going to be easy to beat in 2020, they ought to sit down and chat with Roseanne,” he stated.

Below is a video clip of Roseanne’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While appearing on the show, Kimmel tried to poke at President Trump, to which Roseanne defended the President.