Facebook Handed Out Contributions to 85% of House Committee That Will Be Questioning Zuckerberg

Kirsters Baish| Facebook has been royally screwing up lately, and people are starting to notice. Roughly 87 million users were victims to a massive privacy breach. Foreign ad campaigns used the social media empire to “divide America.” Things aren’t looking good for Zuckerberg’s corporation.

CEO of the social media empire, Mark Zuckerberg, has been getting ready to testify in front of Congress. He will be going up against some of the biggest lawmakers in the country who have been waiting to confront him and others who are actually being paid off by his company.

The Facebook CEO will be questioned about privacy protection and the violations that the company has been charged with by members of the House and Senate committees.

USA Today reported last week that some of these lawmakers are actually some of the “biggest recipients of campaign contributions from Facebook employees directly and the political action committee funded by employees.”

Most of the contributions from the company were received by the congressional panels of House Energy and the Commerce Committee. These lawmakers will be questioning the CEO of Facebook on Wednesday.

Western Journal reported, “Of the 55 members on this committee, all but nine of them have received contributions by Facebook for the past decade, with the average Democrat receiving nearly $6,750 and the average Republican receiving $6,800.”

Republicans received almost two times the amount the the Democrats did in House committee and monetary contributions. Take for example committee chairman Greg Walden (Republican, Oregon). Walden was given $27,000, but Democratic Representative Frank Pallone from New Jersey only received $7,000. The two announced that their committees would be questioning Mark Zuckerberg. They stated that they would be questioning him about “critical consumer data privacy issues and help all Americans better understand what happens to their personal information online.”

The two also explained that they appreciate the Facebook CEO’s “willingness to testify.”

Western Journal wrote, “In regards to Facebook’s campaign gift, however, Republicans got a mere 33 percent and Democrats got 65 percent, adding to about $7 million worth of gifts.”

A Facebook spokesperson issued a response to all questions about contributions. The spokesman referred to a statement which was made in April of last year to Facebook employees and its “political engagement.” The statement explained that the corporation was hoping to build up its ability to “develop relationships with elected officials… who share our vision of an open Internet.”

The spokesman’s statement also touched on Facebook’s PAC as well as the fact that all candidates will be getting support on the basis of whether or not they are on the same page as the company when it comes to policies and “whether the candidate holds a key committee or leadership position.”

Facebook does seem to be expecting to be the target of a lot of criticism for the way they mishandled privacy issues. A lot of lawmakers feel that questioning Zuckerberg should serve as a message to all other technology companies around the world.

“I think we’re at a moment of reckoning,” Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, stated. “It’s really high noon for Facebook and the tech industry.”