Deep State Hit Man, Mueller, Caught Burying Evidence That Destroys Trump/Russia Collusion Narrative

Elder Patriot – A careful reading of the latest round of indictments resulting from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation belies an important, if inconvenient, truth regarding the Left’s Russia narrative: The indictment simply states that “the object of the conspiracy was to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

This is important because no one disputes that Russian agents were hacking into, or trying to hack into, everything they could.  Mueller has also assiduously avoided discussing every other foreign entity that attempted to influence our election, as well.

The narrative that Russian hackers specifically targeted Hillary Clinton in order to damage her chances to be elected and to promote Donald Trump was abandoned in the text of the latest indictments.

The Obama administration’s claim that Putin ordered his spy agencies “to help Trump win” is simply not supported by the facts, once all of the facts are known.

That’s not to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t favor one candidate over the other but the evidence that Mueller has chosen to keep hidden doesn’t support the narrative that the hacking was all one-sided.

In January of 2017, the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) concluded that Russian hackers targeted “both major US political parties” and collected against both “primary campaigns.  Russia collected on some Republican-affiliated targets.”

The ICA also found that the Obama administration had been informed by the FBI and the CIA that Russia had set its hacking operations on the incoming Trump administration.

The Obama administration admitted as much, although grudgingly, when it announced that Putin personally ordered the hacking operation (although it’s entirely unclear how Obama could make that assertion) “with the goal of hurting Clinton’s candidacy and ultimately helping to elect Trump.”  And then added in passing that Republicans were also targeted.

In fact, evidence of Russia targeting Trump and Republicans has been systematically buried according to the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligent, Devin Nunes.

Nunes specifically cites his committee’s work that identified the twelve Russian hackers months ago and that also found evidence of equally disturbing intrusions into Republican servers across the full spectrum of the RNC, individual high profile congressman and senators, as well as on the state level.

Those revelations from the HPSCI report were heavily redacted with nearly eight pages having been fully blacked out by the DOJ.

The report is titled: “Report on Russian Active Measures.”  The pertinent section is titled: “Russia Attacks the United States.”  

And yet Mueller is only interested in Russia’s infiltration into the DNC server.  It’s simply becoming unavoidable to conclude that Mueller is desperate to find some way to continue justifying Clinton and the Democrats’ loss was due to Russia, and not to the peoples’ embrace of Donald Trump’s America First agenda.

According to our sources with knowledge of the investigation they agree that Mueller’s team has found no solid evidence to support the notion that Moscow meddled in the election in order to help Trump. Instead they suggest that the Russians played the same role in 2016 election as they have in every past U.S. election dating back to the 1990’s.

Russia’s primary intention has consistently been to sow discord and create chaos in the American political system.  Thanks to the Democrats (and some Republicans) unwillingness to accept the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States Russia has succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.