Sean Hannity Just Revealed John Brennan’s Darkest Secret On Live TV, Tells Audience Existence of Emails Exposing Brennan Likely Lied About Dossier

K.B.| It was previously reported by the Gateway Pundit that disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan claimed that the first time his attention was brought to the fabricated Trump “dossier” was in December of 2016. He claimed that he only knew about it after it appeared in the news.

Towards the end of the Summer of 2016, former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid penned a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey. In the letter, Reid asked Comey to investigate allegations that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia in the days following a meeting with Brennan.

Numerous Congressional investigators were left wondering if Brennan had briefed Reid on the phony dossier during meeting which took place between Brennan and Reid in Summer of 2016. Investigative journalist Sara Carter reported that Reid did not comment on the matter.

This past Monday evening, Fox News’ Sean Hannity revealed to his audience that John Brennan lied about when he first became aware of the dossier.

Sean Hannity said, “I know I’m just a talk-show host and we don’t do investigative reporting but we’ve beaten everybody, everybody as it relates to this story. By the way, that was targeted at people who know who they are. I just want to say, isn’t there an email chain that might prove this point?”

Sara Carter then stated, “There’s actually a series of emails that people want to obtain. That is why Congress, this is why Judicial Watch and others are suing for Brennan’s communications as well as Comey’s.”

Hannity then answered, “And they may actually prove that he did do this and he lying about the Reid stuff? Is that what your birdies were telling you because that’s what my birdies are telling me?”

Take a look at the video from Hannity:

John Brennan owes it to the American people to tell the truth. It’s time to drain the swamp in Washington, and Brennan is next.