Experts Prove Egyptian Queen Was White … Black Extremists Meltdown

Kirsters Baish| It’s almost funny how liberals claim to love science… that is, until it contradicts them. When science contradicts liberals, they seem to claim racism, sexism, bigotry, and a slew of other things. The problem with these claims? Science is not biased.

The left was shocked and appalled earlier this week when it was revealed on NBC’s “Today,” that the Egyptian queen Nefertiti was actually white. 

On “Today,” The Travel Channel had been working on a “historic forensic reconstruction project.” This project would show what Queen Nefertiti actually looked like when she was alive.

Conservative Tribune reported:

This is what the effort came up with, a woman who seemed to be of indeterminate race (indeed, race was much likely different back in 1350 BC or so). But there’s no denying any modern American would consider the woman white.

Liberals didn’t waste any time getting angry about the whole thing. Obviously they played the racism card. I can just picture them asking idiotic questions like “why does she have to be white?” The answer? Because she was white, and the forensics prove it.

TheGrio, a black-oriented website, said it a bit differently:

“The colorful headdress, bejeweled collar, and intricate earrings are all befitting of an Egyptian queen, but the accessories seem to be about all that was done right on the bust.

“This version of Nefertiti has skin that looks freshly tanned as opposed to a skin tone of someone born with sun kissed pigment in her DNA. The rosy pink lips are in a permanent pout and the hazel eyes shimmer under the studio lights.”

The anger all over Twitter was pretty comical too:

A big part of the problem can be traced all the way back to a theory that was known as the “Black Egyptian hypothesis.” This theory says that Ancient Egypt was a largely black civilization which was ruled by black royalty.

The Black Egyptian hypothesis was very popular among scholars for a good period of time, but has since fallen by the wayside, being labeled as anachronistic. Many people have stated that there was no evidence supporting the theory. Usually, the darkness of skin for Egyptians is divided into lighter skin, coming from the upper Nile region and those below the Sahara desert who had darker skin.

Anyone who lived in the heart of the Egyptian empire were considered to be Middle Eastern, with the exception of Cleopatra. She was actually Greek, and she was the daughter of Alexander the Great.

Conservative Tribune reported:

This hasn’t stopped a lot of people — particularly social media racial philosophers — from treating the Black Egyptian hypothesis as the gospel truth. And if scholars disagree with them, well, they’re just whitewashing history.

There’s an interesting point to be made here, in that there were no shortage of sub-Saharan kingdoms in antiquity to draw strength from, if that’s what gets you through the night. Let’s just say none of those kingdoms has the cachet — or box-office appeal — of Ancient Egypt.

The idea that we have to go along with what people say because it makes them feel better, even when there is no proof, is completely ridiculous. What kind of society are we living in? This is truly the generation of the snowflake.