Existence Of 2nd ‘Dossier’ Revealed … The Identity of Man Who Wrote It Reveals The Conspiracy For What It Is

Kirsters Baish| We are all aware of the fabricated “Trump dossier” that was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, but there is now news that a second dossier exists… and the identity of the man who wrote it changes everything.

The original “dossier” was clearly a jab at President Trump and a sad attempt at trying to take him down. The document was put together by a former British spy (who happened to be fired), Daniel Steele. Steele basically made up accusations against Trump. These fabricated statements were used illegally by the deep state in order to begin the whole investigation into possible “collusion” between Donald Trump and Russia.

Americandailynews.org reports, “It was originally intended to start a whisper campaign among the media to hurt Donald Trump during the 2016 election and was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. But, the allegations are so silly that even the left-wing media didn’t feel disposed to use the document because not a single thing in it could be proven — not even by hearsay evidence.”

That “dossier” is the more famous one. There has now been a second document uncovered that was, too, pushed by the Clinton campaign.

Western Journal reported that the newly discovered dossier was written by Cody Shearer… someone who was heavily involved with the Clintons. The document was then handed to the Department of State by Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal was also a Clinton operative and a good friend of Shearer.

Western Journal writes, “The eight-page document eventually made its way to the FBI through Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote a dossier of his own. While the FBI is reportedly investigating the claims made in the Shearer memos, one person who discussed the document with Shearer during the campaign says it appeared at the time to be a ruse. According to the source, who spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation on condition of anonymity, Shearer claimed that members of Russia’s spy service, the FSB, had video tape of Trump engaged in sexually compromising acts.”

There has never been any sort of video that has come up. The reason? It’s all a lie. The Shearer document contains a bunch of garbage, but no facts. On top of that, there are officials who have now come forward to admit that the “facts” in Shearer’s document were fake statements thrown out by Russia. Could there possibly be some interest in the idea of extortion going on for that tape?

An unnamed government officials states that “The whole thing stinks,” when speaking of the Shearer document.

This is extremely important, because it basically means that Clinton was the one who colluded with the Russians to change the outcome of the presidential election… not Trump, like they keep claiming. A Clinton operative faked a report and then showed it off to the media. This was all planned out. Sounds like the definition of collusion.

Shearer is full of lies and so is his dossier. There is no way that he isn’t going down for this one. It’s just a matter of time.