Every American Must See Trey Gowdy’s Response to Inspector General Report

Kirsters Baish| Republican Representative Trey Gowdy stated outright that he felt that the FBI had conducted themselves inappropriately when it came time to handle Spygate. He made no qualms about calling out the bureau for the way they handled the allegations that Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign had been spied on.

Well, Gowdy has apparently had about enough of the inappropriate behavior from the FBI, and the DOJ for that matter, because today he decided to call both government agencies out for the information that came out in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report.

Oversight reports:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy released the following statement after the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a report on FBI and DOJ actions in advance of the 2016 election.

“I am alarmed, angered, and deeply disappointed by the Inspector General’s finding of numerous failures by DOJ and FBI in investigating potential Espionage Act violations by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

Former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy explained the the IG report proved that investigative decisions during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged use of a private server for official government business were not the same as if the bureau had followed proper protocol. He stated, “This is not the way normal investigations are run.”

The entire thing was mishandled by the government. The FBI had made up their minds about the entire case before they even finished the witness interviews. A press conference that was held on July 5th showed a clear violation of both normal policy as well as process. Oversight explains that “the letters to Congress in the fall of 2016 were both delayed in substance and unnecessary in form.”

Then, there’s the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was treated much differently than the way that the FBI is treating President Donald Trump and his campaign officials when it comes to their investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Oversight explains of the matter “Voluntariness and consent in the former were replaced with search warrants, subpoenas, and other compulsory processes in the latter. Many of the investigators and supervisors were the same in both investigations but the investigatory tactics were not.”

Trey Gowdy took a stab at former FBI Director James Comey today, saying that Comey had  “violated Department policy in several significant ways” and agent Peter Strzok whose “manifest bias” placed a “pall” over the entire investigation and was “so pernicious and malignant” ruin the entire process.

He explained, “This is not the FBI I know. This is not the FBI our country needs. This is not the FBI citizens and suspects alike deserve.”

Then Gowdy demanded that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director Christopher Wray “to take decisive action to restore Americans’ confidence in our justice system.”

Take a look at what Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton had to say about the report earlier today: