Epic Fail: Sen Booker’s ‘Damning’ Documents Backfire, Show Kavanaugh Is In Fact NOT A Racist & OPPOSED Racial Profiling, Racial Bias

Kirsters Baish| Democratic New Jersey Senator Cory Booker wasted time on Thursday during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, threatening to release what he called “damning” confidential documents that he claimed would serve as evidence derailing the confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Booker went so far as to call himself “Sparticus,” the gladiator who stood up for slaves who the ancient Romans had control over.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa had approved some of the documents to be released already, however. The other documents had been leaked to the New York Times. And the thing is, unless Booker thinks that opposing racial profiling is going to be the thing that wipes Kavanaugh out, there really is nothing “damning” about the documents.

Lawrence Hurley tweeted a photo of what he called “The 2002 email in which Kavanaugh discusses racial profiling that Sen. Booker was referring to.” Then, he wrote, “Democrats saying they are going to release ‘committee confidential’ documents but Grassley seems to be indicating he has already agreed the documents can be released for today’s questioning.”

“The people who favor some use of race/natl origin (sic) obviously do not need to grapple with the ‘interim’ question,” Kavanaugh wrote, speaking about terrorism interdiction methods that took place during the September 11th, 2001 Twin Tower attacks. “But the people (such as you and I), who generally favor effective security measures that are race-neutral in fact DO need to grapple — and grapple now — with the interim question of what to do before a truly effective and comprehensive race-neutral system is developed and implemented,” Kavanaugh went on.

Lachlan Markay tweeted, “So the documents that Cory Booker violated committee rules to release shows that Kavanaugh rejected the use of race or national origin in airport security screening and law enforcement generally in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.”

The Daily Wire writes:

Ultimately, he comes to the conclusion that he properly understands the role of Supreme Court jurisprudence in handling questions of race and national security. If anything, the documents conclusively demonstrate that Kavanaugh is not, in fact, a racist.

Booker stated that he had committed the ultimate sacrifice in releasing what he claimed to be important information. Booker tweeted, “These are the 4 documents marked committee confidential that I brought up in my questioning of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last night.”

It honestly just seems as if Booker did a quick search of documents regarding Kavanaugh with key terms such as “racial profiling.” He likely took the search’s results without reaching them prior. I wouldn’t exactly call that a “Spartacus” moment.