Enough Is Enough: Nikki Haley Just Put Arab States On Notice At The United Nations: “We Are Not Fools”

Kirsters Baish| United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has been on fire ever since she was appointed to the role. She has been representing America beautifully since day one. This past Tuesday, Haley decided to bring the heat during a United Nations Security Council speech.

In her speech, Haley defended recent Israeli strikes against terrorist group, Hamas. She wasn’t done there, however. She decided to take it a step further and challenge the Arab and Muslim-majority countries who are constantly complains about Palestinian living conditions, however do nothing in order to help.

Fox News reported that the United States Ambassador reminded members of the U.N. that there is “no end” to Middle Eastern Arab-run governments issuing statements against Israel. And no one helps anywhere near as much as the U.S.

The United States has also been attacked for showing support for Israelis.

“Since (1993), the United States has provided over $6 billion (with a ‘b’) dollars in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians. How much have the Arab countries – some of whom are wealthy – how much have they given to the Palestinians? It does not come anywhere close to what the United States has done,” Haley said, as reported by a State Department transcript.

“Americans are very generous people. We are humanitarian-oriented. And we continue to seek out ways to help the Palestinian people, whose plight is of genuine concern to us,” she went on.

Haley then delivered the headline-worthy line, “But we are not fools. If we extend a hand in friendship and generosity, we do not expect our hand to be bitten. And as we extend our hand, we also expect others to extend theirs as well.”

Check out her comments below.

Conservative Tribune reported of Haley’s Comments:

Actually, an argument could be made that United States policy in the region has certainly been foolish in the past. Giving billions of dollars in American aid to the Palestinian “refugees” ruled by the twin kleptocracies of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and getting nothing but hatred and spite in return — as Haley’s speech noted — might not seem like the wisest move.

And as Haley pointed out, the nations the Arab nations that claim a kinship with the Palestinian people have done comparatively little to help.

Haley questioned, “Where are the Arab countries when it comes to encouraging reconciliation between Palestinian factions, which is essential to peace?. Where are the Arab countries when it comes to denouncing Hamas terrorism? Where are the Arab countries when it comes to supporting compromises that are necessary for peace?”

She basically said it all when she posed these questions.

Arab countries aren’t looking for “peace.” Peace does not benefit them, so they don’t care one way or another.

Arab-run governments and the Iran government would rather just keep the Palestinians right where they are, being viewed as chess pieces in the game of global politics.

Haley had it totally right on Tuesday. Even though Arab nations will continue to fight against peace and everything we are working toward, Americans are not fools.