Another Video Of Pelosi Having An ‘Episode’ Surfaces, This Is Hard To Watch

Kirsters Baish| We have been watching the steady mental decline of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over the last few years. The 77-year-old is losing her marbles. In the most recent Pelosi stunt, she completely blanked on who was President of the United States in 2018, calling President Donald Trump, “President Bush.” Yikes… it’s looking more and more like Pelosi should start considering retirement. Take a look at the video below.

Oops… Pelosi called Trump “Bush” at least five times in 2017. Who knows how many more times it will happen this year.

This is not the first time Pelosi has had a hard time putting sensical sentences together:

The Boston Globe reported that the House Minority Leader and Democrat from California has stated that the GOP tax law which passed back in December of 2017, is impeding budget negotiations. She did not claim, however, that it is impeding the issue of what to do with the undocumented illegal aliens who came into our country as children. The Democrats are calling this group of illegal immigrants, “Dreamers.”

Pelosi spoke in front of a crowd of roughly 200 people who met Thursday morning at a town hall event which took place at the Cambridge Public Library. She stated, “If there was not one Dreamer on the face of the earth, we would still not have an agreement in this budget debate. It’s going to increase the deficit even though they said it’s going to pay for itself; well it isn’t.”

She went on to slam the Republican tax law as part of the 100-city “Repeal the TrumpTax Tour.” This tour is organized by the progressive group which was formed last year in order to put pressure on Trump to release his tax returns. They have labeled themselves as the Tax March.

The event at Cambridge Public Library included talk of the midterm primary election. Pelosi was joined by Democrat from Melrose and United States Representative Katherine Clark. She was also joined by Representative Michael E. Capuano. Capuano is being challenged by Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. Pressley seems to be the most serious challenger since Capuano was elected to the Seventh Congressional District seat. This was 20 years ago. Pressley became the first woman of color elected to the council nine years ago.

Capuano actually introduced Pelosi on Thursday as “the third toughest woman” he’s ever met. He placed his mother and wife in front of Pelosi in the toughness department. He stated that he has known Pressley for a while and stated that “she’s a good person, she’ll make a good candidate, and welcome to the race.”

He also stated that having a primary challenger wouldn’t change the way that he goes about approaching his political campaign. Capuano said, “Every time I’ve ever campaigned, win or lose, no one has ever said I don’t give it 150 percent. I’ll be giving it 150 percent again. I think my record speaks for itself, but I know I need to go out and reconnect with constituents in many ways, which is obviously harder to do going back and forth to Washington every week, but we’ll do it.”

If you saw the State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening, you witnessed Democrats refusing to stand up for President Trump’s applause lines. Trump spoke about the thriving economy. This is something all Americans should be supportive of. Instead, the Democrats who were present chose to sit down and scowl.

Twitter reacted pretty badly to Pelosi’s puckered face.