Watch: Fox Migrant Caravan Reporter Catches Attempted Murderer Live On Film

By now we all know about the migrant caravan traveling from Central America to the United States, with the intention of breaching the US border.

Conservative Tribune writes:

Ever since the mass of people — nearly 10,000 according to some estimates — began traveling out of Honduras, liberals have insisted that it’s America’s duty to accept them with almost no questions asked.

Considering that a high number of the migrants do not have passports or verifiable identification, questions have been raised about this plan, including by the president himself.

Anyone who even poses a question against those traveling with the caravan is labeled as a racist by the liberal media.

Take a look at a damning video clip from Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins, which might just shut those liberals up. This past Sunday, Jenkins interviewed one of thousands of migrants currently in Tapanatepec, Mexico.

“Are you willing to break the law to get back to the United States?” Jenkins questioned the man, whose name is Jose, with some help from a Spanish interpreter.

The interpreter seemed surprised when Jose admitted that he had a major felony under his belt.

“I want to enter and ask for a pardon,” the migrant stated in Spanish, as confirmed by the translator. “He says he wants to apply for a pardon for the felony he committed.”

“What is your felony, exactly?” the translator questioned the man.

“Number three,” Jose said in English. “A third degree felony,” the translator stated.

“Intento de matar,” the migrant went on. The translation for this is: “Attempt of murder.”

Conservative Tribune writes:

It’s worth pointing out that this was just one of thousands of people, many with unknown backgrounds, in the massive caravan. If he was willing to talk to a reporter and admit on video that he had a felony for attempted murder, how many other criminals were in the same crowd but avoiding the cameras?

This is the glaring problem with opening the border to the caravan: It’s the perfect cover for less-than-noble people who want to use the crowd as a tactic to enter the United States unvetted.

While the migrant was upfront about his past, there are so many more who are dishonest. We have enough criminals in our country already. We can’t simply allow everyone in without proper vetting. This is what liberals don’t seem to understand. Just because you support background checks for immigrants doesn’t mean you’re a racist.

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