Draining The Swamp: President Trump Eliminates Hundreds More Federal Employees From Washington

Kirsters Baish| It has been reported that the United States Department of Agriculture has two agencies that will be moving around 700 federal employees from Washington, D.C. This will both save tax dollars and improve the service provided by the department to citizens.

Sonny Perdue, Agriculture Secretary, explained on Thursday that both the Economic Research Service and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture will be moved in their entirety from Washington, D.C. by 2020 at the latest, as reported by the USDA.

No particular location has been assigned yet.

“It’s been our goal to make USDA the most effective, efficient, and customer-focused department in the entire federal government,” Perdue explained in his statement.

“In our Administration, we have looked critically at the way we do business, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the best service possible for our customers, and for the taxpayers of the United States. In some cases, this has meant realigning some of our offices and functions, or even relocating them, in order to make more logical sense or provide more streamlined and efficient services,” Perdue continued.

Western Journal writes:

As part of the reorganization, Perdue is also moving the Economic Research Service out from under the USDA’s Research, Education and Economics branch.

The ERS will be placed back in the Office of the Chief Economist under the authority of the Office of the Secretary.

Roughly 700 USDA employees could be moved, E&E News reports.

It has been hard for the department to maintain steady workers at both the NIFA and the ERS. Officials are hopeful that by moving both of the agencies from the capital of the country to a more rural area, it will lower the cost and keep employees longer. Rural America will also see better service.

“None of this reflects on the jobs being done by our ERS or NIFA employees,” Perdue stated. “These changes are more steps down the path to better service to our customers, and will help us fulfill our informal motto to ‘Do right and feed everyone.’”

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has explained that he has plans to move the location of the Bureau of Land Management, which is the biggest land-owning agency that exists within the federal government. He spoke of moving it West, but no specific location has been announced.

Western Journal writes, “BLM’s top officials are too distant from the lands and Americans they regulate, lawmaker and Trump administration officials say. The distance has caused tensions between western landowners, managers and federal officials.”

The Trump administration is definitely following through on their promises of “making America great again.” They’re both saving tax dollars and draining the swamp by moving more federal employees out of Washington.