Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Chair Drops Bomb on CNN’s Acosta After Twitter War Goes Nuclear

Kirsters Baish| CNN’s Jim Acosta is back at it again, ruffling feathers and making headlines. This time, President Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Chair, Brad Parscale, was the one who came forward to quiet Acosta down. It ended in an all-out Twitter war. How it started? That’s another story.

It all began when President Trump made his way to Singapore this week to reason with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump was able to successfully convince Kim Jong Un to sign a nuclear agreement which would bring an end to 70 years of fear for the people of Korea.

For months, the President worked towards Tuesday’s win. This historic moment will not be forgotten, and even liberals cannot help but praise President Trump for his actions. However, there’s always one loudmouth who ruins things for everyone else. CNN’s Jim Acosta just had to step in and ask a totally inappropriate question. When President Trump and Kim Jong Un were taking a break from negotiating, Acosta began yelling out whatever came to mind at the two world leaders.

He went so far as to ask if the two men spoke about Otto Warmbier, an American who was taken hostage by the North Koreans, and tortured until President Trump was able to successfully bring him back to the United States. Unfortunately, by the time Warmbier returned home, it was too late. He died shortly after arriving back in the United States. Talk about an inappropriate question at the MOST inappropriate time.

Leave it to Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, to tell Jim Acosta how it really is. He bashed Acosta this week after the CNN reporter’s stunt. He also called for Acosta’s credentials to be taken away in direct response to his disgusting question.

Parscale wrote on his Twitter page, “Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended. He is an absolute disgrace! @realDonaldTrump”

Of course, Jim came back with what he thought was a witty response by saying, “Dear Brad.. dictatorships take away press credentials. Not democracies.”

Don’t worry, Parscale was on top of his game. He dropped a bomb on Acosta to finish him off. He wrote, “Dear Jim. It isn’t about the constitution. It’s about respect. He won the presidency not you. Go win it yourself if you need it all about you.”

Take a look at the clip of President Trump’s reaction to Acosta’s question:

As Fox News reports, Acosta asked a lot more questions in addition to the totally inappropriate Otto Warmbier one. Fox writes:

Acosta also barked questions during the historic summit in Singapore, providing Kim with first-hand evidence of grandstanding by the CNN star.

“Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?” the Trump-bashing newsman hollered as Trump and Kim exited their conference room at the Capella Hotel following a 35-minute meeting. “Any progress, Mr. President?”

“Chairman Kim, will you denuclearize?” he pressed. “Mr. President, how’s it going so far, sir?”

When Trump finally responded by saying it was going “Very, very good,” Acosta, who was the designated pool reporter assigned to represent U.S. media organizations, seemed encouraged to demand answers from Kim, who is used to a more compliant media.

“Will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?” Acosta shouted

Parscale is right. It’s time for Jim Acosta to be forced to give up his credentials, at least until he’s able to figure out how to behave appropriately.